All Episodes Of Pyaar Lafzon Mein Kahan Are Available For Free Download

The series is set in Istanbul and follows a workplace romance at a multinational fashion company Sarte. In Pakistan, it was aired on Filmazia now LTN Family. It has 45 million viewership in its first episode over more than 30 countries dubbed this show and are airing it in their country. It has crossed a million views on youtube.

“Ask Laftan Anlamaz” is a Turkish romantic television drama series, it is dubbed in Urdu/Hindi by the country of Pakistan with the name of “Pyaar Lafzon Main Kahan”. The series was originally premiered on Show TV original network on June 15, 2016.Pyar Lafzon Mein Kahan (English: Love doesn’t understand words, is a Turkish drama series broadcast in Urdu Language on Filmazia HD. The show Urdu dubbed drama premiered on 13 October 2017.. The series is set in Istanbul and follows a workplace romance at a multinational company. This is the Urdu Dubbed version of the Turkish drama Aşk Laftan Anlamaz which was broadcast on Show TV. The show premiered on 15 June 2016.

Murat proposes marriage to Hayat but Murat is still unaware of her true identity. Hayat feels sad but is unable to disclose this to him fearing she might lose him. Derya, Murat’s stepmom discloses to him the truth. He is heartbroken when he learns she’s been lying about her identity. Hayat loses her job and her grandfather demands she return for an arranged marriage. Murat tries to stop this and, after overcoming the bad history between their families, marries Hayat. However, Murat still has not forgiven Hayat and he is cold towards her.Murat becomes jealous when Emre, a contractor to Sarte, flirts with Hayat, and the company suffers.

Murat’s first mom returns with nurse Hazal in a series of events. When his mother is hospitalized from an accident, Murat contemplates Hayat’s desire to separate and realizes that has to fight for her. Murat tries to repair his relationship with Hayat, but she spurns his efforts. After a fight, Murat returns to save Hayat from a fire, saying that he cannot live without her.Later Hazal kills Murat’s mom in a revengeful act.Nejat sells his shares of Sarte to Emre. At Emre’s instigation, Hayat does a DNA test which says that Murat is not a Sarsılmaz. Hayat is so distraught that she tries to kill herself, convincing Emre to return the stocks. Further DNA testing reveals that Murat is the heir of the Sarsılmaz family. For peace in their family, Murat decides not to tell and convinces the staff at Sarte to accept his brother Doruk as their boss. Hayat finds out she is pregnant, and the series closes with a flashforward of a happy family life.

Jealousies cause Murat to push Hayat away, but he pursues her and apologizes, and eventually fires Didem for her plotting. Murat brings Hayat to his home to recover from a panic attack caused by Didem, and they bond, but Didem then arrives claiming to be pregnant. Hayat later learns from her friend Aslı that Didem falsified her hospital tests. Murat is distraught but accepts his responsibility to marry Didem. Both the families meet and decide their wedding. Murat’s stepmother forces Didem to fake an abortion, releasing Murat from his presumed responsibility.