The television series Entitled bakemonogatari is about the life and adventures of a young man Known As Koyomi Araragi. Koyomi is a young man in the final years in high school who is a survivor of a terrible vampire attack after-qui he finds himself in the Midst of different forms of ghosts, gods, mysterious creatures, spirits as well as mysterious animals purpose Succeeds to escape . After the attack he is now half human and half vampire and with the help of a man with supernatural powers he is gradually transforming back to human.

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One day while in school one de son classmates Known As Hitagi falls down the stairs into Koyomi’s arms. Hitagi is Known for always keeping to herself, always being white quiet and shy by her friends. As Koyomi holds her, he realizes That She Weighs very little and Decides to help her Hitagi Even Though Warns _him_ to mind His business and stay away from her.

Koyomi takes her to visit a man Known As Oshino Meme Who has supernatural powers.
Oshino lives in a dilapidated building in an isolated area and Was The One That Helped transform back Koyomi à son form human being white after-a vampire.

As the series progressed, new characters are heroes or heroines have Introduced with different and unique abilities and capabilities. They-have Each has specific shapes and attribute That Makes Them different and stand out. For instance: has a bag Mayoi qui est a snail’s shell, Suruga HAS arms of Those That Look like a monkey, Karen HAS her favorite yellow following qui HAS black stripes just like the colors.

The series progressed Such aussi que la events of every episode follow proceedings of the previous one. The series was written by Nisio Isin and directed by Akiyuki Shinbo. Were illustrations done by Vofan and It was published by Kodansha. Music for the series Was provided by Satoru Kosaki. The complete series comprised of twelve episodes of all qui sont disponibles on DVD.

Fuji TV
Season 1, 18 episodes
July 3, 2009

8.1 / 10
Cast: Hiroshi Kamiya , Eri Kitamura , Yuka Iguchi , Chiwa Saito

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