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Every Filler Arc In The Bleach Anime (& Which Episodes To Skip)”Filler arcs” are an all-too-common trope in anime, and Bleach has so many that there are sometimes filler arcs within other filler arcs.When it comes to long-running shonen series like Bleach or Naruto, you can’t avoid fillers cropping up here and there. In most cases, they are the bane of any anime fan’s existence, providing you with lackluster stories that bring very little in way of character development.Even worse than that, they can take up years of run time or come at the most inopportune times.Bleach is one of the worst for putting them smack dab in the middle of an arc, sometimes more than once. It ruins the flow and makes things difficult to follow since they were constantly jumping all over the place. Worse then that, it felt like there were filler episodes even within the filler arcs themselves.The Bount were essentially vampires who lived long lives by absorbing the souls of others. Their concept was pretty interesting, and Kariya wasn’t a half-bad villain.

This arc also introduced the trio of Ririn, Noba, and Kurodo, who were entertaining as three modified souls created by Urahara to sniff out the Bounts. The biggest issue with this portion of the arc is that Ichigo handles far too much of the fighting here, often losing repeatedly.There are more than a few episodes that are worthy of skipping in this arc, but none are worse than this. It’s a downtime episode after Yushino’s battle with Kariya resulted in her death. As such, there’s not a lot of action in the episode, and on top of that, most of the dialogue feels like filler. The entire episode is centered around the mod souls, and while Ririn and company were entertaining, an entire episode focused on just them was a bit much.This is the second half of the Bount arc where they invade Soul Society, leading to a few decent matchups. While completely one-sided, Kenpachi matching up against Maki Ichinose was enjoyable, and Kariya’s final fight with Ichigo wasn’t bad either.

Surprisingly, the worst episode in what is a wholly so-so arc is the last one. The fights are, at the very least, entertaining for what they are. The same can’t be said of this episode as nothing of any consequence seems to happen.As it’s a filler arc, there aren’t any real stakes for what happens in it, so having all the characters huddled around discussing the battle with the Bounts and what to do next is pretty boring to watch. It felt like a filler episode inside of a filler arc.

This arc is annoying for several reasons, the first being that it comes right after the third and final battle between Grimmjow and Ichigo, breaking up the Hueco Mundo arc because the anime got too close to the manga. The second reason is that it’s simply not that good and the weakest among the filler.

Amagai is a poor rendition of Aizen, right down to his surprise reveal as the puppet master near the end. One of the few positives is it does some nice character building for Kira, and that the final battle with Amagai is pretty good.This episode helps set up the human side of the storyline, introducing Rurichiyo and her guard. While Amagai is a cheap imitation, he’s far from the weakest part of the arc. That “honor” belongs to Rurichiyo, the princess of the Kasumoiji family.

She’s in the dark on what’s going on half the time and acts like a spoiled brat the rest. The story surrounding her isn’t much better as she’s on the run from usurpers trying to take over her house.