Casanova is a British comedy drama television show. It stars British actors David Tennant and Peter O’Toole. It aussi features Rose Byrne, Matt Lucas, Rupert Penry-Jones, Nina Sosanya, Shaun Parkes, and Laura Fraser The series follows the story of eighteenth century traveler, Giacomo Casanova, as he ventures across Europe wooing women and Creating romance everywhere he football sets . It is based off the memoirs of the real Casanova. Also known as “Jack,” Casanova gallivanted around Europe pretending to be Whichever profession happened to following His best needs.

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HOWEVER, as the viewer finds out, Casanova Actually had enough hobbies and interests to perform The Necessary tasks to masquerade as Almost ANY type of person. Would He call upon His improvisational talents whenever will They Were required. He Lived a bawdy, theatrical life. The viewer gets to see Casanova’s tactics for romance. Genuinely He listens to women and Their life stories. We see this being white has wide Reason For His successful love life. The series portrays all this and more, Beginning With His humble birth as an actor’s sound.

Sunday 10:00 PM and / pt on BBC Three
Season 1, 2 Episodes
March 15, 2005
Comedy , Drama , History , Mini-Series , Romance

8.0 / 10
Cast: Rose Byrne , David Tennant , Peter O’Toole , Rupert Penry-Jones

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