Crashbox is a Canadian educational television game show made to help elementary school aged kids learn things. Crashbox Involves history, math, spelling, and various other elementary level subjects. Each game is Crashbox takes about two to five minutes to play. There are Many educational games on Crashbox. The educational Games That are played one Crashbox are Captain Bones, Dirty Pictures, Entertainment News, Ear We Are Eddie Bull Haunted House Party, Lens McCracken, Mug Shots (Like, Totally) Paige and Wise, Poop or Scoop, Psycho Math (KBOX) Radio Scramble, Revolting Slob, Riddle Snake, Sketch Pad, Ten Seconds, Think Tank, and Word Shake. At the end of the show They recap the games, the things we taught That They show, and the answers. They-have a robot that helps to replay what happened On That show. The robot hits a hammer, and it’s called the Crashbox Rewind.

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Daily 8:30 am and / pt on HBO
2 Seasons, 52 Episodes
May 2, 2005
Children , Learning & Education

8.4 / 10
Cast: Carlos Alazraqui

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