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If writers write what they know, everyone should have time to eat a full breakfast buffet each morning. Movie characters have no trouble sitting at a table of eggs, toast, pancakes, and orange juice on a Tuesday morning, while real-life viewers are content with a granola bar to go. But don’t expect them to eat all the pasta. It doesn’t matter if you eat at home or in a restaurant; no one finishes a full meal in the movies. At best, they have a few bites before they are called to an emergency. Perhaps industry executives think audiences would get bored watching the characters eat a full meal like normal people. But I want to see Ryan Reynolds finish a plate of spaghetti, damn it! Do you like to laugh at movie conventions? Take a look at these fun job titles used for famous movies.

If a scene takes place in someone’s office, the work is rarely done. The characters plan pranks, they plan to quit, they plan to take over the business, they plan how to do their job, but they never actually do their job. And this trait is not only found in movies. I’ll never know how Ross, Rachel, and their company were able to spend so much time in Central Perk without getting fired. Since we’re on the topic of Friends, see which Friends season finale moment made our list of the most shocking television moments of all time.

How often do you say someone’s name during a conversation? Maybe once at the beginning when they greet each other and maybe once at the end, right? You can just make eye contact, start talking, and then say, “Okay, see you soon.” But if you’re talking to Ashley in a movie, you have to let Ashley know that you’re there for her if she ever needs anything, Ashley, and that she’s going to survive this breakup because you know what, Ashley? Ashley is a tough cookie, and her friends adore her, Ashley. RIGHT? RIGHT. Goodbye, Ashley. Speaking of movie dialogue, do you know how to correctly recite those famous movie quotes where everyone gets it wrong?

Oh yeah, the cinematic staple of all the action-packed blockbusters that all action-packed hopefuls steal. The movie stars pull away dramatically when an explosion erupts behind them, and they continue not to look back to see what damage has been done. They don’t care if they are about to be hit by flying debris. They do not fall into shock waves. This is not the way a normal person would react. But damn, that sounds great. Take a look at this list of the most famous movie quotes of all time.