How Death Note Redeemed Itself In Its Final Episode

This text comprises main spoilers for each the manga and anime of Loss of life Be aware.

There’d by no means been a manga (and later anime) fairly like Death Note. A psychological thriller blended with the supernatural, the collection adopted excessive schooler Mild Yagami, who’s given a pocket book with the power to kill anybody whose identify is written in it. The premise alone is extremely engaging nevertheless it was the way in which Loss of life Be aware advanced that made it a beloved and nonetheless talked about collection to today.

The humorous but darkish interaction between Mild and the Shinigami who gave him the pocket book, Ryuk. The way in which Mild was in a position to creatively use the pocket book to kill. The completely bonkers methods he averted getting caught, most well-known of which utilized a bag of chips. Being compelled to work with the irritating but tragic Misa. Absolutely the triumph of an episode the place Mild merely takes a stroll with somebody and desperately tries to determine their identify so as to keep away from getting caught.

The collection’ largest draw, particularly after it received began, nevertheless, was the thoughts sport between Mild and police advisor L, who had a powerful suspicion of Mild being the killer. Their backwards and forwards, Mild avoiding being uncovered, L planting traps for Mild to fall into, the friendship that won’t have been for present on L’s facet, earned the collection a lot of its acclaim.

Nonetheless, half approach by means of the collection, L was killed off. It was a serious shock, the largest twist but. This modified the whole lot. Who else might examine to the person who practically uncovered Mild time after time? Was this the top of the story? Would it not be attainable to create a personality not solely beloved as L but additionally one that might maintain the stress of the story as excessive because it had been?

For many followers, the collection by no means recovered after this. Many jumped ship solely as a result of L died. Others weren’t impressed with the makes an attempt to exchange L. The characters of Mello and Close to had some potential nevertheless it was by no means correctly utilized. A lot of their makes an attempt to apprehend Mild fell flat compared to the primary half.

This isn’t to say the second half doesn’t have some brilliant spots nevertheless it does drag in locations and lots of followers gave up earlier than the story ended. Which is a big disgrace as a result of the ultimate story of Loss of life Be aware, particularly the one which takes up the ultimate episode of the anime, makes up for its total second half. It pulls the whole lot collectively for what’s an immensely satisfying conclusion that makes a crucial judgement name on the whole lot Mild had finished as much as that time.

By the point Loss of life Be aware reaches this remaining episode, it appears as if nothing can contact Mild. He’s killed hundreds of thousands of individuals. Sure, Close to has turned a few of his staff in opposition to him (besides the loveable fool Matsuda), however Mild continues to be in management. He has a person named Mikami killing for him, he avoids Close to’s traps, kills Mello, and even boldly tells his staff it’s okay for them to work with Close to. Nonetheless, Close to manages to get Mild to conform to their first in individual assembly and the 2, together with their respective staff’s, meet up in a abandoned warehouse. It’s there that the stage is ready for the ultimate episode.

Mild has Close to cornered. Close to had made a plan to swap out Mikami’s pocket book for a faux, however Mild noticed by means of that and, by means of a trademark Loss of life Be aware convoluted plan, made it so Mikami truly had the true pocket book hidden. He’s gained. Mikami writes the identify of everybody current in addition to Mild. Mild, his ego at an all time, desperately tries to carry again his laughter. He is aware of he’s gained, that in moments everybody goes to die.

The ultimate episode begins… they usually don’t. Close to had faked Mild out and did handle to swap out Mikami’s pocket book for a faux. Mild is uncovered… and eventually brings to the forefront a core query the collection had been asking however refused to present a definitive reply on, not even within the first half: Is Mild justified in his actions?

Look, I really like Loss of life Be aware. It’s a extremely enjoyable watch and, as a result of it’s a bit of fiction, you don’t need to be completely disgusted by a man murdering hundreds of thousands of individuals. The very fact he makes use of a magic pocket book to do it makes it a singular tackle the thriller style. The issue is a big chunk of the collection is instructed from Mild’s POV. He makes it clear he needs to kill criminals the police gained’t. That killing criminals makes the world a greater place. The worry of being killed by an unseen drive deter others from committing crime.

This wouldn’t be a problem if the present made it clear from the leap that that is nonetheless mistaken, nevertheless it actively crops seeds of narrative doubt that perhaps the authorities shouldn’t even be attempting to catch Mild. His actions are excessive, positive, however aren’t they wanted to make the world safer? It makes viewers or readers ask the query: Is Mild committing mass homicide making the world a greater place?

It is a harmful subject to play with. I’m all for utilizing fiction to discover exhausting ideas however the present wanted to come back down exhausting on his actions. They couldn’t condone them; it might be the present telling its viewers, “Hey, mass homicide is legit!” Even when the present left Mild’s motion as ambiguous that additionally would have been an issue. It could depart an excessive amount of wiggle room. An excessive amount of of an opportunity for Mild’s actions to nonetheless be seen as viable. At first, it looks like that is precisely what the ultimate episode is doing. After Mild’s lastly found because the serial killer he’s, he goes into full ego mode. He declares himself god, the one hope for mankind and explains that due to his actions, “wars have stopped and world crime charges have been decreased by over 70 p.c.”

Mild doesn’t even body this as an evil motion he wanted to take so as to make the world higher. No, as an alternative he sees himself pretty much as good! He tells everybody that somebody has to do that… however nobody would have gone so far as he did. The world wants him to repair it. He must maintain killing. This might have been the present’s solely assertion on Mild’s actions. That he had a degree, flawed because it was. It could have been really easy to go away the door open, to make the collection as edgy as attainable and have Mild be sympathetic proper to the top.

However it doesn’t.

In essentially the most crucial second in all of Loss of life Be aware, proper after Mild provides his huge speech, Close to shuts him down: “You’re only a assassin, Mild Yagami. And this pocket book is the deadliest weapon of mass homicide within the historical past of mankind.”  He goes on to say that Mild has confused himself with a god when the truth is, “you’re nothing greater than a loopy serial killer. That’s all you’re. Nothing extra and nothing much less.”

Mild will not be justified in his actions. That is the concluding assertion of Loss of life Be aware. It’s final reply to the query of Mild being justified or not. It isn’t entertaining the concept of Mild’s actions. Any purpose the present has given you to sympathize with him goes out the window. He’s fully within the mistaken.  There’s nothing noble about what he did. He’s a assassin and easily killing all criminals with none type of oversight is mistaken. He thought he was god for doing this however in the long run that was what did him in.

Mild’s fall from grace and supreme rejection by the collection is additional pushed house when Matsuda, the clown sneakers of the collection, shoots Mild within the hand. Mild tries to attraction to him however he refuses to hear, capturing Mild 4 extra occasions. He’s solely prevented from killing Mild by the opposite gives. Mild manages to rise up after this and run away and Close to lets him. He is aware of Mild is about to die. This was yet one more second the present might have tried to make you’re feeling pity for Mild. That yeah, he was mistaken, however he at the least had good intentions and isn’t it unhappy he’s about to die?

Nope. Ryuk comes alongside and writes Mild’s identify in his personal pocket book. Mild has really misplaced. Earlier than Mild dies although Ryuk reminds each Mild and the viewers of what Mild mentioned early on within the collection when requested why he was passing judgment on others: He was bored. For all of the grand posturing of being god and making the world a greater place, this was all as a result of Mild was bored. He’s no hero. His philosophy shouldn’t be regarded upon as one thing noble or horrible however needed. He’s only a horrific one who dies alone.

Even the brief manga sequel to Loss of life Be aware drives house the purpose that Mild was mistaken. One other human, Minoru Tanaka, is given the Loss of life Be aware years after Mild’s demise and Ryuk wonders if Mild is taken into account one of many greats of historical past. Minoru explains that whereas some take into account Mild god, it’s truly taught in ethics courses that Mild is evil. He was additionally taught in world historical past courses that Mild was, “a mass-murdering terrorist, the worst in latest historical past.”

The story actively refuses to present Mild’s actions any justifications. He was committing mass homicide.  If the story had merely ended on the half waypoint, L’s demise, it might have been deeply problematic. It wouldn’t have answered the query of whether or not Mild was justified or not. It could have left open the concept perhaps he was, at the least from the angle of the narrative itself.

That is what makes the ultimate episode so necessary. It not solely answered that query of whether or not Mild was justified, but additionally took a really exhausting and definitive stance in opposition to it. It refused to entertain any notion that Mild was in the appropriate and Loss of life Be aware was all the higher for it.

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