How The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It Secretly Ties Into Annabelle

This text accommodates The Conjuring: The Satan Made Me Do It spoilers.

Set in 1981, The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It facilities round the actual case of Arne Johnson, a younger man who murdered his landlord and claimed that he was possessed on the time. Whereas this case, which the Warrens did have involvement with, is the framing system of the story, the meat of it, the place the Warrens attempt to know what the demon desires and the place it comes from, is fictional and has a neat tie-in to the broader Conjuring universe.

We uncover that an occultist has summoned the demon utilizing witches totems so as to achieve nice energy. This occultist is revealed to be the adopted daughter of retired priest Father Kastner (John Noble). Kastner was instrumental in bringing down a cult known as The Disciples of the Ram, an endeavor he labored on for nearly a decade. He has his personal ‘artefact room’ much like the Warrens’ which is filled with books on the occult and gadgets from his analysis. It’s implied that his daughter’s fascination along with her father’s work is what drew her into the darkish arts.

However this isn’t the primary time we now have met the Disciples of the Ram… 

This seemingly informal reference truly hyperlinks The Conjuring: The Satan Made Me Do It to the movies Annabelle and Annabelle: Creation (the prequel of Annabelle, which is itself a prequel to the primary Conjuring movie).

At the beginning of Annabelle, Mia (Annabelle Wallace) and John Type (Ward Horton) are attacked of their residence by a pair who’re a part of the cult of the Disciples of the Ram. The couple who attacked them are the kid previously often called Janice, who by that time was possessed by a demon and glided by the identify Annabelle, and her cultist boyfriend. The 2 murdered the Varieties’ neighbors, the Higgins’, (who have been Annabelle/Janice’s adoptive dad and mom) and break into the Varieties’. The police arrive and shoot Annabelle/Janice’s boyfriend, whereas Annabelle/Janice shuts herself within the Varieties’ nursery, grabs the Annabelle doll, and slits her personal throat leaving a marking on the wall – that is the image of the Disciples of the Ram. The demon that was possessing Annabelle/Janice is transferred to the doll, which terrorizes the Varieties earlier than ending up within the artifact room belonging to the Warrens.

The place had the demon that possessed Annabelle/Janice (and later the doll) come from?

We study from Annabelle: Creation that the doll had been the unique host of the demon a long time again. The doll was made by a person named Samuel Mullins (performed by Anthony LaPaglia) who, along with his spouse, Esther, (Miranda Otto) unwittingly invitations a demon to own the doll, considering the demon is the spirit of their lifeless daughter, whose identify was Annabelle. Once they study of their mistake they enlist the assistance of clergymen to bless the home and comprise the demon within the doll, in a blessed, locked closet of their late daughter’s room.

Later the Mullins’ soak up a number of orphans together with a lady known as Janice. Janice finds the possessed doll and the demon finally possesses her. After murdering each Esther and Samuel, Janice escapes and is taken in by an orphanage in Santa Monica, the place she calls herself Annabelle. Later she is adopted by the Higgins household (the household murdered in the beginning of Annabelle).

That’s lots of Annabelles. The brief model in chronological order then:

The Mullins by chance conjure the demon into the doll. The demon leaves the doll and  possesses baby Janice. Possessed Janice kills the Mullins and goes to stay with the Higgins. Possessed Janice grows up, joins the Disciples of the Ram – who’re into satan worship – murders the Higgins, assaults the Fords, after which kills herself. The demon returns to the doll, and terrorizes the Fords till household good friend Evelyn (Alfre Woodard) affords up her soul to the demon. The doll goes to some nursing college students and finally finds its solution to the Warrens.  

That is fascinating for a number of causes. Firstly after all as a result of Easter Eggs tying installments collectively are a large a part of the Conjuring universe, at least they might be within the MCU or comparable. However secondly as a result of this might present the right leaping off level for the subsequent spin-off. The earlier two Conjuring films prompted standalones not that includes the Warrens – Annabelle, and its two sequels, sprung straight from The Conjuring whereas The Conjuring 2 launched us to The Nun who acquired her personal origin story. The Conjuring: The Satan Made Me Do It is not any much less deserving of its personal spin-off and there’s untapped materials right here.

The backstory of Father Kastner and his daughter is just skirted over briefly right here, there’s extra story to inform. What occurred with the Disciples? How did his daughter become involved with the cult, if certainly she ever was? What’s occurring inside Kastner’s proof room that convinces him to maintain the books and papers locked away relatively than destroy them?

Even inside the Conjuring universe there has all the time been scope for various flavors – certainly, The Satan Made Me Do It strikes away from the ‘70s haunted home vibes of the primary two films and into the Nineteen Eighties’ Satanic Panic period.  A cult film that includes Kastner vs. the Disciples of the Ram may very well be a superb addition to {the catalogue}.

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