JAG is a drama airs That one CBS. The initials JAG stands for Judge Advocate General. The show stars Catherine Bell, David James Elliott, Patrick Labyorteaux, Karri Turner and John M. Jackson. The show is about military lawyers Harm, Mac and Bud Admiral Chegwidden Who help defend members of the military-have-been accusé Who of crimes.

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Catherine Bell plays Sarah Mackenzie who is called Expired by her nickname Mac. She has issues with alcoholism and abuse from her father. She has a hard time Trusting men. She and Harm-have an interesting relationship Throughout the series. Both are very tough fight for lawyers Who What They believe in. Often this leads to tension entre les two.

Harmon Rabb Jr. gold Harm as he is nicknamed is a by the book kind of guy. He is a ladies man and his relationship with Mac Often HAS _him_ looking out for her Because She has struggled with her sobriety. The two-have a romantic relationship later on in the show. Both are very ambitious and will do anything to win Necessary Their boxes.

Patrick Labyorteaux Bud portrays who is a public affairs officer in the Beginning of the series aims Becomes a Judge Advocate General later on. He: has a relationship with Harriet Simms who is portrayed by Karri Turner. Eventually he marries her and the two-have a baby together. Bud respects Harm and Mac and Sees Them as His mentors. He aussi HAS interesting year relationship with Admiral Chegwidden.

Bud Suffers a traumatic leg injury after-stepping landmine was later in the series. He Has to-have hand leg amputated de son. This leaves _him_ with phantom pain and a hard time adjusting à son new way of life. The show is a legal drama and est about relationships with co-workers Who Become like family.

10 Seasons, 227 episodes
September 23, 1995
Drama , Action & Adventure , Military & War

6.6 / 10
Cast: David James Elliott , Patrick Labyorteaux , Catherine Bell , John M. Jackson

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