In What Order Should The Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies Become Available For Free Download

The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise launched Johnny Depp into megastardom and put pirates back on the cultural treasure map, all beginning with 2003’s The Curse of the Black Pearl. If you want to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies in order, set sail with Captain Jack Sparrow and his two lovely assistants Elizabeth Swann and Will Turner (Keira Knightley, Orlando Bloom) towards Dead Man’s Chest and At Worlds End.

With that trilogy closed, the series continued on with the further adventures of Jack with On Stranger Tides and Dead Men Tell No Tales. In the years since, a sixth film remains in the works, while in June 2020, Disney announced a spin-off to star Margot Robbie. For now, see our guide on how to watch the Pirates of the Caribbean movies in order.

Capt. Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) arrives at Port Royal in the Caribbean without a ship or crew. His timing is inopportune, however, because later that evening the town is besieged by a pirate ship. The pirates kidnap the governor’s daughter, Elizabeth (Keira Knightley), who’s in possession of a valuable coin that is linked to a curse that has transformed the pirates into the undead. A gallant blacksmith (Orlando Bloom) in love with Elizabeth allies with Sparrow in pursuit of the pirates.

Bill Nighy is spectacular as Davy Jones, and it’s quite a fascinating experience to become immersed in the microverse which is the Flying Dutchman. As for the other characters, we’re already well and truly acquainted with them thanks to the predecessor, so we understand their motivations and personalities much more which adds to the tension, fuelling the love triangle and romantic elements perfectly. 

As for action sequences, the Kraken assault is possible the most impressive set-piece of the entire franchise and remains absolutely breathtaking on repeat viewing.  With the first film, we understood that this was an exciting world, but Dead Man’s Chest takes the more outlandish elements and runs with them, bringing in exciting new characters while still devoting time to the ones we’ve already grown attached to. 

It looks to be all change for Pirates of the Caribbean when it eventually does return to the big screen – whenever that may be. Johnny Depp is apparently out as Jack Sparrow with a new lead actor and character being eyed for what looks to be a reboot – Karen Gillan is one name in the mix to head up the new movie. But if you’ve got a hankering to rewatch the original movies, or you’re a newbie looking to experience them for the first time, the good news is that Pirates is a pretty accessible franchise, with the five movies so far all being released in chronological order.

Here’s the correct order in which to watch them all, and where you can stream them, if you feel in the mood for some rum loving pirate action.

The Order of the Pirates Of The Caribbean Movies goes like this – The Pirates Of The Caribbean series was started in 2003 and the first series of the Pirates Of The Caribbean is The Curse of the Black Pearl which received positive reviews and right after its success Walt Disney Pictures again come up with the second series subtitled as Dead Man’s Chest that was released 3 years later in 2006 after the first release. Just after 1 year and the great success of the second release the third series named At World’s End was released in 2007 and it earned a huge at the box office. In 2011 the fourth series i.e. On Stranger Tides was released in conventional 2D, Digital 3-D, and IMAX 3D and succeeded in grossing more than 1 dollar billion and became the second film in the franchise and only the eighth film in history to achieve this. And after this huge and huge success, the fifth series was released in 2017 subtitled as Dead Men Tell No Tales.