Is Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 Actually a Ganondorf Origin Story?

The observe as much as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild would be the most highly-anticipated online game sequel since Half-Life 3 and Metroid Prime 4, and for good motive: the primary sport is a masterpiece, an ideal translation of the traditional Zelda components into a modern open-world setting brimming with life and places to discover. It’s definitely among the best Zelda video games ever made, and even perhaps the finest, though I’m certain a few of you’ll debate that within the feedback.

In brief, the sequel has some huge sneakers to fill. But when the sport’s newest teaser is any indication, it seems to be like Nintendo will on the very least ship a satisfying continuation of the Breath of the Wild story and aesthetic, if not one thing as revolutionary as the unique. There’s more to the E3 2021 trailer than simply stunning visuals and scene setting, although.

Clues sprinkled all through the teaser may even have simply confirmed what the sport is about. In keeping with one fan concept gathering steam on-line, the sport could also be set to take a a lot deeper dive into the lore and historical past of Breath of the Wild‘s Hyrule — together with the origin story of Ganondorf earlier than he turned evil. The speculation comes from Kinda Humorous’s Barrett Courtney, who sat down with gaming business persona Tim Gettys to interrupt down the brand new trailer.

Now, I don’t usually put a lot inventory in fan theories — and also you completely shouldn’t take any of this as official affirmation of what the sport is or isn’t — however I discovered Courtney’s dialog with Gettys notably compelling.

Courtney begins his concept by evaluating the pictures of a mummified Ganondorf and a personality that appears so much like Hyperlink hovering via the air in a method harking back to a scene in the reveal trailer for Skyward Sword, which is itself the origin story of Hyperlink, Zelda, and Ganondorf’s everlasting wrestle all through the remainder of the Zelda timeline. (Extra on this in a second.) He factors out that the mummified Ganondorf and “Hyperlink” appear like they’re sporting the identical tunic, suggesting we’re truly seeing the identical character at totally different deadlines.

No, it’s not the deepest piece of proof, however then the YouTuber attracts a extra attention-grabbing connection: the tunic worn by each characters within the trailer additionally resembles the one worn by the “Hero of 10,000 Years In the past” in a tapestry depicting Hyrule’s historic historical past in Breath of the Wild.

In keeping with Impa in Breath of the Wild, the “Hero of 10,000 Years In the past” was the traditional warrior who first saved Hyrule from the good evil referred to as Calamity Ganon. Apparently sufficient, the Hero depicted within the tapestry can also be sporting longer hair, a specific focal point relating to the “Hyperlink” on this trailer. As a substitute of the standard ponytail, this “Hyperlink” appears to have extra a mullet that flows freely as he dives via the sky.

Why does the “Hyperlink” of the trailer look barely totally different to what we’re used to? In keeping with Courtney, it’s as a result of we’re truly watching Ganondorf earlier than he became the evil villain that Hyperlink should vanquish each era. Courtney means that that is “the primary iteration” of Ganondorf, who lived after the occasions of Skyward Sword however millennia earlier than the occasions of Breath of the Wild.

“This sport might be studying concerning the fall of Ganondorf the person after which saving him from the evil that has been ruling over him for generations. And in doing so, we’ll break the cycle began by Demise,” Courtney wrote in a separate tweet about what he thinks the sport will in the end be about.

So, the place does Demise, Skyward Sword‘s demonic villain, match into all of this? All of it goes again to a promise the villain made to Hyperlink after he was defeated by the hero: “My hate by no means perishes. It’s born anew in a cycle with no finish. I’ll rise once more! These such as you…Those that share the blood of the goddess and the spirit of the hero…They’re eternally certain to this curse. An incarnation of my hatred shall ever observe your type, dooming them to wander a blood-soaked sea of darkness all the time!”

Demise’s soul is then locked away contained in the Grasp Sword for all eternity, however we all know that his curse did come to go. The Zelda video games that happen after Skyward Sword are nearly all tales of Ganon/Ganondorf returning to destroy Hyrule, with Hyperlink and Zelda working collectively to cease him. Since “Ganondorf” is “the incarnation of Demise’s hatred” for the heroes of Hyrule, Courtney means that Breath of the Wild 2 may discover how a human Ganondorf was first corrupted by Demise.

“My concept is that every time we play these segments as human Ganondorf, it’s going to be him ultimately discovering the Grasp Sword,” Courtney stated, arguing that Nintendo has but to really inform the story of how Demise’s evil was handed on to Ganondorf. “Has there ever been a observe up of [Demise] probably escaping the Grasp Sword and him having the ability to basically take over a human to have the ability to reincarnate time and again? I feel we would get the story of the very first Ganondorf and the story of being cursed by Demise and turning into this particular person of evil.”

A Zelda sport that allows you to each play via the origin story of a villain prior to now whereas the heroes attempt to defeat him within the current will surely be a significant twist to the standard components. After all, you may also poke holes in Courtney’s concept. For one factor, Ganondorf has historically been depicted as a member of the Gerudo race, with darkish pores and skin and vivid purple hair (resembling Demise himself), however the character within the Breath of the Wild 2 trailer has an analogous complexion and hair colour to Hyperlink.

But, when Ganon’s backstory was first fleshed out in A Hyperlink to the Previous, it was stated that the villain had as soon as been a human who was imprisoned contained in the Sacred Realm and became the boar-like demon we meet within the early video games. It’s doable that Nintendo may very well be returning to the unique lore.

Courtney additionally urged that Ganondorf’s hair may have turned purple after he was possessed by Demise. However what about that robotic arm? If that’s younger Ganondorf with a robotic arm within the trailer, why doesn’t mummified Ganondorf have one? Honest level.

However you might additionally argue that, since Ganondorf is destroyed by Hyperlink and Zelda time and time once more, the very first model of evil Ganondorf could have very properly had a robotic arm earlier than he was defeated in a battle we haven’t seen but. He wouldn’t have reincarnated with that robotic arm, proper? As a substitute, he would have been “born anew” as Demise promised in Skyward Sword!

Yeah, you might spend hours down the rabbit gap with this explicit fan concept, and I’ve not even lined the whole lot Courtney and Gettys talked about of their breakdown. When you love Zelda lore and fan theories, I undoubtedly advocate you give their video a watch.

We gained’t know something for certain till extra particulars are revealed by Nintendo, which in the intervening time gained’t even affirm the official title of the sequel as a result of it might give too much away. Courtney predicts the sport might be known as Demise of the Wild, although.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel might be out in 2022 for the Nintendo Change.

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