Marvel’s Loki Season 2: The MCU Questions We Need Answered

The next incorporates Loki spoilers.

Marvel’s Loki might have solely been six episodes, however it was a wild experience from begin to end, reinventing a fan favourite character, wrestling with advanced existential questions of free will and destiny, and telling one of many franchise’s weirdest love tales to this point. Plus, you already know, it additionally managed to completely rewrite the fact of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as we all know it. 

Fortunately, Marvel wasted no time confirming a second season, saying the present’s renewal ultimately credit of the Season 1 finale. (Seemingly as a result of it was apparent that followers would riot if we weren’t promised some solutions to the various questions – each literal and philosophical – that this present raised.) 

Listed below are only a few of the issues we’re positively going to want Loki Season 2 to discover.

The place within the Timeline is Loki?

The primary season of Loki ends with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger: He Who Stays is useless, the multiverse is reborn, and when Loki returns to the Time Variance Authority he doesn’t discover issues precisely as he left them. Mobius and B-20 not keep in mind him and the three large statues of the Time Keepers on the TVA have been changed with a single determine carved in Kang’s picture. What on the earth is occurring right here?

One of many first key questions Loki Season 2 should reply is exactly the place and when this Loki and the TVA even are. Is that this the remnants of the Sacred Timeline, rewritten into one thing new by He Who Stays’ demise? Did Renslayer’s actions in some way change the TVA? Or did Sylvie’s temp-pad launch Loki throughout the multiverse into one other world totally? (Although because the TVA is meant to exist exterior of time and actuality, might there even be a second one?) 

Considering too laborious about this is sufficient to make your head harm, in one of the best ways doable. 

What’s Subsequent for Sylvie?

When final we noticed our favorite female Loki variant Sylvie, she was watching time fracture round her after killing the person she’d spent her whole life looking for and punish. The place does she presumably go after that? She’s actually modified actuality – each for herself and everybody else.

All through the collection, we’ve seen Sylvie driven by an aggressive single-mindedness. However the place does she flip that focus now? Will she try to construct the house she’s by no means been capable of have earlier than in one of many new timelines she’s created? Monitor Loki down in no matter timeline she’s despatched him to? Or does she start in search of out the Kang variants, making an attempt to show that her resolution to basically create all of them doesn’t should doom the universe the way in which He Who Stays predicted?

Is Sylvie and Loki’s Romance Doomed?

The season ended with Marvel’s most weird romance having their first relationship spat. In fact, for Loki and Sylvie meaning actually preventing one another with swords whereas debating whether or not the universe deserves free will, all earlier than one kisses after which betrays the opposite by shoving them by means of a temporal gateway. Shakespeare says the course of real love did by no means run easy, guys. 

What’s subsequent for these two loopy children is anybody’s guess – so far as we all know, Sylvie’s at present nonetheless within the citadel on the finish of time, and Loki’s in…nicely, Loki’s in a timeline that we haven’t totally recognized but. How they’ll discover their method again to 1 one other in season 2 (due to course they may discover their method again to 1 one other in season 2) is anybody’s guess. 

Will Sylvie understand her resolution to kill He Who Stays was a mistake? Will she regret kicking off what may well be another multiversal war and search Loki out to try to repair what she broke? Will Loki attempt to discover her once more, within the wake of all that’s occurred?

What About All These Different Variations of Kang?

Based on He Who Stays, Sylvie’s option to kill him would basically launch a veritable army of Kang variants across the multiverse, who will wreak untold havoc and destruction till one basically takes over once more. And that seems to be precisely what has occurred, to some extent, on condition that the statues of the Time Keepers at TVA headquarters have been changed with an enormous Kang determine. However which model of the character that’s – or what the opposite, much less benevolent model have performed in his title – is up within the air. 

We all know that Jonathan Majors is set to play Kang the Conquerer in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania however that movie isn’t set to hit theaters till 2023 and that’s an awfully very long time to let the MCU’s new Large Unhealthy sit idle. So it appears secure to imagine that we’ll see some model of him pop up in not less than one MCU property earlier than then, if no more. 

The place Did Decide Renslayer Go?

When final we noticed Decide Renslayer, she appeared decided to show that her life as a frontrunner of the TVA – and the various morally doubtful selections she made as such – had some kind of which means, even though her actions have been basically all carried out in service to a gaggle of leaders who didn’t really exist.

After an emotional confrontation with Mobius, Renslayer escapes in quest of “free will,” which as we all know on this universe typically means Kang. Whether or not she finds him, or what occurs throughout her confrontation with whichever model of Kang she meets is unknown, however since Renslayer is Kang’s girlfriend within the comics, it appears secure to imagine that she has some hand within the creation of no matter model of the TVA Loki stumbles again into at the end of the finale

Why Does the TVA Nonetheless Exist?

All through Loki Season 1, the TVA was kind of the literal embodiment of the “you had one job” idea. They have been meant to patrol and defend the Sacred Timeline, pruning rogue variants and chopping off harmful branches earlier than they threatened the steadiness of actuality. However now that He Who Stays is useless and there is no Sacred Timeline anymore, then what goal does the TVA nonetheless serve on this new actuality? 

Judging by the enormous statue of some model of Kang within the foyer, there’s each chance that the group has shifted focus to both battle or monitor the various variants of the previous He Who Stays all through time and house and will have even been created on this actuality by one the the “good” Kang variants. However, it’s additionally doable that the TVA remains to be making an attempt, in some small method, to corral or not less than arrange the multiverse into one thing the place its many branches can in some way peacefully co-exist. 

What’s the Take care of Miss Minutes?

Miss Minutes, the TVA’s cheerful sentient clip artwork, is without doubt one of the most memorable elements of Loki’s first season. Her organizational prowess is clearly unmatched and little or no seems to ruffle her determinedly perky angle.  However we nonetheless don’t know a lot about her, together with how she got here to exist or what her final targets are. 

Concurrently useful and vaguely menacing, it appears clear that she had an agenda of her personal all through the season. However an agenda in service to whom? He Who Stays? Kang the Conqueror? The bigger idea of order? And what kind of secrets and techniques does she nonetheless know?

Is Alligator Loki Okay?

Clearly, an actual concern going into Loki Season 2 is the destiny of all the opposite Loki variants we met all through the season. With He Who Stays useless and the multiverse unleashed, will the opposite Lokis have the ability to depart their Void jail and return to their actual lives?

Most significantly, is Alligator Loki okay? Are he and Child Loki placing out on their very own now, maybe to a Disney+ Younger Avengers collection close to you? Loki Season 2 positively wants to offer us with an replace on our favourite reptilian god. 

Might Basic Loki Nonetheless Be Alive?

So long as we’re speaking about Loki variants, does the rebirth of the multiverse imply that Basic Loki may return ultimately? Your mileage might fluctuate on whether or not or not you assume his sacrifice was actually heroic or a heroic piece of misdirection, however we don’t really know what occurs to the variants and timelines wolfed up by Alioth. 

Positive, the opposite Lokis hinted that to be eaten by the fog monster equals instantaneous demise, however this present additionally spent 4 full episodes pretending that pruning equals being killed, so belief however confirm, is all I’m saying. Plus, Richard E. Grant is simply too good an actor to not put again in a traditional Loki costume as quickly as doable. 

How Will Physician Unusual 2 Affect Loki Season 2?

With reports swirling that Tom Hiddleston will make some kind of look in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, it appears seemingly that the movie will affect Loki Season 2 in vital methods. 

In fact, the query of which model of Hiddleston’s Loki we’d see within the movie – the identical one we noticed in Loki or another maybe as-yet-unknown variant – stays an open one, however on condition that this Loki had a direct hand within the creation of the multiverse, it definitely is smart that he may cross over to a movie dealing straight with that idea. Might Sylvie additionally pop up? It’s definitely doable and after Loki and WandaVision it appears as if something might occur on this movie. 

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