Marvel’s Loki TV Series and MCU Timeline Explained

This text comprises Marvel Cinematic Universe spoilers.

It’s been effectively over two years for the reason that occasions of Avengers: Endgame, and also you’d be forgiven for forgetting precisely what went down in the course of the climax of the Infinity Saga and a number of the entries that led to it. There have been loads of Easter eggs and nods to different components of the MCU in each Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame – a few of them edging on “blink and also you’ll miss it” territory as Marvel Studios sought to wrap up a decade and alter of storytelling.

Forward of Loki’s launch on Disney+ we’ve been revisiting the God of Mischief’s journey to the small display and pondering all the explanations that this new TV model of Loki can be totally different to the one we now know and love, regardless of our higher judgement.

In some ways this can be a story of two Lokis: the one we’ve already seen evolve – albeit regularly – all through the Thor trilogy and the Avengers movies, and the one we’re about to see reckon with a brand new destiny in Loki because of an unintended temporal intervention.

First, let’s take inventory of all of the methods each of those Lokis are the identical.

Prime Loki

After we first met Loki (the excessively charismatic Tom Hiddleston) in Kenneth Branagh’s 2011 franchise-starter Thor, he was a sly and manipulative prince however nonetheless loyal to the realm of Asgard. As he ready to witness his brother Thor (Chris Hemsworth) change into king and take over from their father Odin (Anthony Hopkins), Loki determined to throw a spanner within the works by arranging a go to from the Frost Giants – a race crushed by Odin and left in ruins within the realm of Jotunheim way back – in the midst of Thor’s coronation.

Although Loki initially sabotaged Thor’s massive day as a lark, he unwittingly began a sequence of occasions that might result in a devastating private discovery: that he himself was a Frost Big, rescued as a child from the Jotunheim battlefield by Odin within the hope that he would forge peace between the 2 realms sooner or later.

Loki, who all the time felt like Odin’s least favored son, was overwhelmed by the trauma of what he retrospectively considered as a life stuffed with lies and betrayal, so when Thor was banished to Earth for kickstarting yet one more battle with the Frost Giants Loki noticed a chance to take the throne of Asgard as Odin fell right into a deep sleep.

It didn’t go in addition to he hoped. For some time he was in a position to rule Asgard, however when the Warriors Three and Sif travelled to Earth in opposition to Loki’s needs to retrieve Thor, issues fell aside. Loki intervened and attacked Thor and the gang to stop them from destabilizing his newfound energy, however Thor stopped him and returned to Asgard. The 2 brothers fought and Odin woke from his slumber.

Odin’s apparent dismay at his son’s actions left Loki bereft. He let himself fall from the damaged Bifrost Bridge right into a wormhole in area moderately than make amends for what he’d carried out or settle for any punishment that is perhaps forthcoming.

Thor assumed Loki died that day, however Loki was very a lot alive. On the opposite aspect of that wormhole was Sanctuary, an asteroid discipline inhabited by a violent race referred to as the Chitauri. Additionally put in on Sanctuary was The Different, Thanos’ private servant, who gave Loki each a strong Scepter that contained the Thoughts Stone and command over the Chitauri military to invade Earth. In alternate, Loki was to grab the Tesseract – a cosmic dice housing the Area Stone – and convey it again to Thanos.

Fearing Thanos’ retribution and feeling he had no alternative however to conform, Loki travelled to Earth in 2012’s The Avengers by way of the wormhole-opening Tesseract and took the dice from SHIELD, ultimately opening a bigger wormhole over New York and starting the Chitauri invasion.

In the end crushed by the Avengers within the Battle of New York, Loki was set to be introduced again to Asgard as a prisoner together with the Tesseract and condemned to a cell within the dungeons.

This brings us to a fork in Loki’s street and the MCU timeline itself.

Lifeless Loki: Infinity Warfare Timeline

Put up Avengers, Loki languished within the Asgardian Dungeons till his mom Frigga (Rene Russo) was killed by the Darkish Elves in Thor: The Dark World. Launched by Thor, the duo tried to defeat the Darkish Elves’ chief. Naturally, Loki faked his personal loss of life in the course of the battle, hopped again to Asgard, and ousted Odin. He then dominated over Asgard for years in Odin’s guise.

Thor ultimately found Loki’s deception upon his return to Asgard following the occasions of Avengers: Age of Ultron. The 2 launched into a journey to Earth to search out the actual Odin, who revealed they’d an older sister referred to as Hela (Cate Blanchett) who would attempt to lead Asgard into conflict in opposition to the 9 Realms. Odin all of a sudden popped his clogs, leaving a confused Thor and Loki to face Hela.

They had been no match for her, and each ended up stranded on the synthetic trash planet Sakaar in Thor: Ragnarok till Loki reluctantly joined forces with Thor, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson), and Hulk/Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) to attempt to take Hela out of the equation. They had been in a position to do that by summoning the hearth demon Surtur, starting the all-cleansing strategy of Ragnarök. This plan of action got here at a horrible value: the whole destruction of Asgard, throughout which Loki as soon as once more stole the Tesseract whereas nobody was trying.

As promised in The Avengers, Thanos got here on the lookout for the Tesseract throughout Infinity War after Loki did not ship it to him. The surviving Asgardians had been attacked by Thanos aboard their escape ship the Statesman and half of them had been killed. A showdown with Thanos left Hulk unconscious and Thor trapped by the Black Order. In a second of sudden redemption Loki tried to deceive Thanos by providing up the Tesseract, and made a failed try on the Mad Titan’s life. Thanos killed Loki for his insolence by snapping his neck.

Variant Loki: TV Collection Timeline

With Loki useless, half the universe snapped out of existence, and Asgard decreased to a tiny inhabitants on Earth, Thor fell right into a deep melancholy throughout Avengers: Endgame. However there was a glimmer of hope on the horizon when the crew put collectively a plan to return in time and retrieve the Infinity Stones, reversing Thanos’ snap.

This “time heist” positioned Tony Stark, Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Bruce Banner, and Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) again at The Avengers’ Battle of New York in 2012, and their plan to seize the stones went easily at first. Steve acquired the Thoughts Stone within the type of Loki’s Scepter and Bruce satisfied The Historical One (Tilda Swinton) handy over the Time Stone, whereas Tony and Scott hit Stark Tower to raise the Tesseract.

Sadly, Tony forgot that he made the Hulk take the steps as a substitute of the elevator when the Avengers initially accompanied an imprisoned Loki all the way down to the foyer. As Hulk smashed by way of the foyer door he despatched Tony and the Tesseract flying. Loki noticed a chance and didn’t hesitate: he picked up the Tesseract and jumped by way of a wormhole.

That is the version of Loki we be a part of because the character’s Marvel spinoff sequence will get underway. Not the Loki who noticed the autumn of Asgard and maybe bought to make amends for a few of his earlier crimes by supporting Thor within the aftermath, however the Loki who simply led a lethal invasion of Earth.

“With Loki taking the Tesseract, followers will see precisely what that motion means and what an even bigger ripple he’s made in time doing that,” Loki director Kate Herron explained. “It causes him to be extra reflective about his actions and why he’s carried out what he’s carried out.”

Accountable for many human deaths – together with Agent Phil Coulson on a SHIELD helicarrier earlier than the Battle of New York had even begun – this Loki continues to be stuffed with rage following the publicity of Odin’s lies about his origin.

He’s, by all accounts, a complete butthole.

Because of advertising supplies for the upcoming sequence we already know that following his Battle of New York escape Loki can be apprehended by the Time Variance Authority – a bureaucratic group which displays the state of the MCU’s timeline. It’s unclear if the present will totally redeem the God of Mischief from a post-Battle of New York state of trauma and vindictiveness, however the present has apparently discovered a unique means to take action than we’ve already witnessed, which is an efficient factor – as charming as Tom Hiddleston completely is, we have to see Loki nudged additional away from 2012-era villain territory for all this to work long run.

Loki author Michael Waldron has described the present as a “wrestle with id, who you might be” and “who you wish to be” so it’s undoubtedly a risk that Loki will change into a greater model of himself than we’ve ever seen earlier than.

“Loki is a personality that’s all the time reckoning together with his personal id, and the TVA, by advantage of what they do, is uniquely suited to carry up a mirror to Loki and make him actually confront who he’s and who he was alleged to be,” Waldron defined.

The TVA will recruit the God of Mischief to assist clear up the temporal mess he made when he grabbed the Tesseract and skedaddled – it appears The Historical One was fairly proper when she mentioned that any main disruption to the circulation of time would create branch timelines the place issues have gone badly mistaken. Might Loki actually change into a valued TVA asset, righting wrongs and setting issues straight? Possibly, however as we all know, Loki is gonna Loki, and he in all probability received’t get pleasure from being advised what to do by anybody.

“I like this concept [of] Loki’s chaotic vitality one way or the other being one thing we’d like,” Hiddleston advised EW. “Regardless that, for all types of causes, you don’t know whether or not you may belief him. You don’t know whether or not he’s going to betray you. You don’t why he’s doing what he’s doing. If he’s shapeshifting so usually, does he even know who he’s? And is he even concerned with understanding who he’s? Beneath all these masks, beneath the appeal and the wit, which is sort of a protection anyway, does Loki have an genuine self? Is he introspective sufficient or courageous sufficient to search out out? I believe all of these concepts are all within the sequence — concepts about id, concepts about self-knowledge, self-acceptance, and the problem of it.”

Hiddleston added “[That] was very thrilling as a result of within the different movies, there was all the time one thing about Loki that was very managed. He appeared to know precisely what the playing cards in his hand had been and the way he was going to play them. And Loki versus the TVA is Loki uncontrolled instantly, and in an atmosphere wherein he’s utterly behind the tempo, out of his consolation zone, destabilized, and performing out.”

Maybe if Loki truly met Loki he’d have a recent perspective on whether or not anger and spite are price clinging on to?

Lokis All of the Means Down

Even because the present intends to discover Loki’s wrestle together with his personal id, it appears set to introduce different Lokis from totally different timelines and realities, which leaves the storytelling door very a lot open. Not simply when it comes to new angles on earlier MCU tales and major cameos, however to inspiration from the pages of Marvel Comics as effectively.

“A part of the enjoyable of the multiverse and taking part in with time is seeing different variations of characters, and different variations of the titular character specifically,” confirmed Marvel head honcho Kevin Feige.

The comics are actually ripe with prospects. There’s Child Loki – a vessel for the trickster reborn after he manipulated Hela into taking his title out of the Ebook of Hel. Then there’s Previous Loki – an actual bastard who makes the present Loki look like a Care Bear compared. Loki even discovered himself inside a physique supposed for Woman Sif at one stage, turning into Woman Loki (later included into Loki’s pretty informal gender fluidity).

Loki: Agent of Asgard

Curiously, Waldron has additionally mentioned that the present will discover whether or not Loki may ever make a pal, which is the main focus of Al Ewing’s 2014 Agent of Asgard run. In these comics, Loki meets a girl referred to as Verity Willis who can see by way of any lie, making her the proper individual for Loki to have an open and sincere friendship with.

It was round this time that the Loki of Marvel Comics additionally had an epiphany: {that a} lie is only a story and a narrative might be rewritten. This allowed him to show over a brand new leaf, redefining his character from the God of Lies to the God of Tales. Pondering again to Hiddleston’s first official remark when Loki was introduced, this could possibly be only one means that Marvel has approached further seasons of the present and Loki’s persevering with journey by way of time and area.

“Loki,” Hiddleston wrote. “Extra tales to inform. Extra mischief to make. Extra to come back.”

Marvel’s Loki can be streaming on Disney+ from June 9.

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