The TV show Offspring is an Australian comedy and drama. The show is set in the city of Melbourne. This show follows the character of Nina. She is in her 30s and works as an obstetrician. Nina and her family are featured in the show As They go about Their daily activities and try to deal with everyday life situations. While try trying to handle work and children Nina est qui looking for love leads to so funny situations. There are aussi Some scenes Where Nina HAS her former husband to deal with as well. This show features comedy dialog, flashbacks to previous time, and Even animated graphic sequences. This show has won Several awards in Australian for Both writing and acting. This television series stars Asher Keddie, Kat Stewart and Don Hany.

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Wednesday 8:30 pm and / pt on Ten
7 Seasons, 90 Episodes
January 1, 1950

8.3 / 10
Cast: Asher Keddie , Kat Stewart , Richard Davies , Linda Cropper

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