Raw Manga Is Available For Free Download

Gamers prefer MMORP games over others. With MMORP games moving towards realism and scalability, the entertainment quotient is also on the rise. One such game which has created ripples in the gaming industry just with its trailer launch is RAW. It is currently raising backers and funds through Kickstarter, but the developers have raised a storm with the videos and glimpses of the game which they have offered.

In gaming terms, as per the videos and screen grabs of the game, it can put oldies like Secondlife to shame. The developers claim that they have taken inspiration from GTA, Rust, and Arma life, but what makes it so unique? Is it really worthy of the storm that it is creating? Or is it just a storm in a teacup? We will today lay bare every detail of this open-world survival game to help you understand more. 

RAW in the simplest terms is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. The premise of the game is an Island with nothing but vegetation present. The players have to first start by choosing a governor who can then develop the city and facilitates its expansion. True to its name, during the initial stage, the game is completely raw.

The game involves all the facets of life; like work, trade and commerce, governance, procuring of resources and interacting with other players. The game developers claim that the graphics will be as good as GTA V, which has intrigued quite a few gamers. With its scalability and realism, it has been able to garner a lot of attention.

The essence of the game is to simulate real-life as closely as possible but on a massive wide-scale to help players, play their roles with complete authenticity. While the concept has been touched in GTA games to a certain extent but it still remains underexplored. The scale at which RAW has captured the essence of role-playing is unprecedented. That is why; RAW has been able to garner so much attention.

Who’s behind it?

Killer Whale games are developing RAW. In their own words, it is a company with a small team of game developers. However, the website states that they are much more obsessed with realism and details than any other company. With already 2 years into the development, the company is serious about developing and releasing it. They have a realistic approach and have claimed that it can take up to 12 months for early access.