Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 4 Review: Rickdependence Spray

This RICK AND MORTY evaluation incorporates spoilers.

Rick and Morty Season 5 Episode 4

There are some episodes of Rick and Morty that I’ve began calling sci-fi puzzle containers, through which the episode introduces a “what if…?” sci-fi idea after which follows it up by asking “after which what? after which what? after which what?” because it spirals outward, escalating in insane complexity. There are many nice episodes that do that, like “Edge of Tomorty: Rick, Die, Rickpeat,” which introduces dying crystals that permit one to see potential methods they may die, leading to Morty so doggedly pursuing a super finish to his life that he ultimately turns himself into an Akira. Half of the basic episode “Meeseeks and Destroy” is considered one of these too, with the Meeseeks themselves being an attention-grabbing sci-fi invention that’s developed till it reaches its violent, bonkers conclusion.

Nevertheless, a few of these puzzle field episodes are too intelligent for their very own good. The very formidable however not very enjoyable to observe season two premiere “A Rickle in Time,” with its sophisticated timeline-splitting premise, is maybe the quintessential considered one of these. However season 5 additionally began out with two such episodes, each of which had undeniably intelligent premises (a vengeful Narnia world and clones who don’t know that they’re clones, respectively), however they have been so centered on constructing out these premises that, within the course of, they type of forgot to be humorous or to do something attention-grabbing with the characters.

Now we now have this week’s episode, which posits the sci-fi conundrum: what if Morty fucked a horse fertilization machine after which Rick by chance took Morty’s jizz from the machine and mutated it into big, sentient, flying sperms?

No, the premise isn’t a lot of a puzzle this time. In actual fact, “Rickdependence Spray” feels as if it’s been made immediately in response to followers like me who’ve been yawning by means of the current, too-clever, sci-fi puzzle field episodes. Not so dissimilar from “Pickle Rick,” it shortly dispenses with its setup in order that it might probably launch proper into ridiculousness, which right here takes the type of big sperms killing folks and being killed in more and more flashy methods.

That imagery and many gross-out jokes about intercourse and spermatozoa make up a number of the comedy on this episode, which, sadly, is coming (lol!) immediately off the heels of final week’s “A Rickconvenient Mort,” which additionally relied on intercourse jokes a helluva lot. Nevertheless, what this episode has over that one is that extra of the jokes are humorous and it doesn’t make a lame try at eking out an emotional payoff from its storyline. No, that is only a dumb episode about big dying sperms and, oh yeah, cannibalistic horse-people. That’s all it’s and it’s admirable that it stays true to itself up till the tip.

The query then is: is that this episode too silly? I imply, yeah, in all probability; I can’t truthfully recall a stupider one. The funniest stuff comes from Morty having to cover his shameful secret that he banged a horse intercourse machine, however the plot can solely trip on that lie for thus lengthy. Ultimately the sperm has to come back out of the bag after which the remainder of the episode depends on more and more bombastic sperm (and horse)-related spectacles, a few of which is enjoyable (Beth and Summer season’s sperm-riding escapade being the most effective and most filmic-looking), nevertheless it’s an issue of diminishing returns, that means the laughs taper off because the zaniness amps up. For instance, one of many closing gags is simply Rick French-kissing an anthropomorphic horse, which I suppose is supposed to be intrinsically humorous. It’s not, although. (Nevertheless, I’ll concede the president refusing to destroy the, ahem, big incest child as a result of it’s an election 12 months is humorous.)

You would possibly name “Rickdependence Spray” a breath of recent air, in that it’s neither a kind of episodes the place the comedy and characters get misplaced inside an over-complicated sci-fi premise, a la the primary two episodes of the season, neither is it a easy, silly episode enjoying at being one thing greater than that, like final week’s was. No, that is only a bunch of shameless jokes about sperm and horse-people intercourse. “Rickdependence Spray” lives and dies virtually totally on the standard of these jokes. All advised, about half of it’s humorous. The remaining shouldn’t be.

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