Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 6 Review: Decommissioned

This Star Wars: The Unhealthy Batch overview accommodates spoilers.

Star Wars: The Unhealthy Batch Episode 6

As a narrative about what purpose-built troopers do after the conflict, The Bad Batch has been as aimless as its protagonists to date. However an entertaining episode that finds them nonetheless deep within the underworld, “Decommissioned,” written by Amanda Rose Muñoz and directed by Nathaniel Villanueva, brings again some minor The Clone Wars characters and deepens the Batch’s scant characterization. It additionally goes into the destiny of the battle droids from the opposite facet, displaying how the Empire erases the proof of the prior conflict by melting it right down to scrap.

The Trandoshan operator Cid has a brand new job for the Batch: go to a manufacturing facility on Corellia and retrieve a Separatist tactical droid destined for the furnace. It’s not going to be straightforward, since there are so much of police droids on the scene. In the meantime, a minor B-plot reveals Omega studying to make use of her cool new laser bow. The arc of that storyline is fairly predictable, however I’m additionally glad it was included; I’d have requested how she discovered to make use of that factor, in any other case. On the manufacturing facility, the clones meet the Martez sisters, proto-Rebels (possibly) who’ve additionally been employed to seize the information within the droid’s head.

The vast majority of the episode consists of the three-way battle between the Unhealthy Batch, the Martez sisters, and police droids. The flurry of individuals buying and selling the droid head backwards and forwards is entertaining, if not significantly revolutionary. It’s helped so much by how convincing the manufacturing facility is. As a substitute of the comparatively sterile Geonosian manufacturing facility stuffed with ore the place droids had been created in Attack of the Clones, this one is stuffed with scrap, filth, rust and, one imagines, the scent of oil and burnt electronics. The employees sound actually panicked when alarms go off.

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As for Omega, she’s stuffed with pluck and the will to show herself worthy of that fancy gentle bow. I just like the steadiness of her competence and inexperience, and it’s refreshing to see her get to speak to and battle alongside different ladies. Muñoz and firm be sure that Omega has not less than a pair exchanges with the sisters that aren’t in regards to the different clones.

Nonetheless, I used to be a bit of uninterested in the manufacturing facility sequence, a staple of motion cartoons of all types. Perhaps it’s as a result of the crew’s long-term aim nonetheless hasn’t been established. They’re taking jobs from Cid as a result of they want credit (and he or she calls for they do). However what’s their long-term aim, and the way a lot of it contains Cid? Fortuitously, Rhea Perlman’s character is entertaining with out simply turning into comedic aid.

Cid suggests with out actually saying it that having these droids will assist the Unhealthy Batch battle in opposition to the clones now employed as Imperial stormtroopers. I can’t think about her as a revolutionary, although; she simply appears glad to have some hyper-efficient employed weapons who’re too new to the world to not be bullied round.

Wrecker’s complications are getting worse, and this time are clearly a symptom of his inhibitor chip making an attempt to reassert management. The crew’s tank was all the time one of many extra one-note of the clones, however he turns into not less than a bit extra sophisticated right here. There’s so much occurring with him: his worry of heights, Hunter’s quasi-comic calls for that he recover from it and simply full the damaging mission, and the issue with the inhibitor chip. I wonder if this can create a rift between Wrecker and the opposite clones that isn’t all as a result of chip. If he feels he’s being overworked, he’d have a way more private and smaller-stakes motive to butt heads with Hunter than the brainwashed traitor Crosshair did.

Talking of the dynamics inside the Batch, shoutout to Echo for punning on his title once more. This was one of many issues that endeared him to me in The Clone Wars, and now that he’s modified a lot (each bodily and when it comes to his objectives and loyalties), it’s good to have it again. Joking about his personal title additionally reveals he’s comfy along with his identification now, with the way in which the brand new Echo exists in continuity with the outdated one. I’m additionally rising extra keen on Tech, whose usefulness doesn’t forestall him from additionally being obnoxious generally.

Rafa liking Wrecker greater than Hunter can also be very humorous. Typically, I’m glad to see the sisters, who befriended Ahsoka Tano within the last season of The Clone Wars, again on the scene. Whereas the principle subject of their earlier arc (their opinions about the Jedi) isn’t related right here, they nonetheless really feel like the identical loving, bickering folks. Whereas Rafa’s dialogue (and possibly voice appearing) sound a bit of tough, Hint is way more naturalistic and enjoyable. Her bond with Omega is convincing, and, in spite of everything, she was all the time the yet another keen to make mates.

In the long run, the Batch take the loss; they nonetheless don’t know who Cid’s purchaser is, and so they didn’t seize the tactical droid. Neither did Hint and Rafa, whose patron (Bail Organa, possibly?) is making an attempt to battle the Empire. However the truth that Hunter offers Rafa the droid’s knowledge means he’s having some second ideas about whether or not working with Cid is the appropriate factor to do. His reasoning is extra an announcement of one of many themes of the present than attention-grabbing characterization (“issues had been clearer after we had been simply troopers”). However, so far as Star Wars goes, actions have a tendency to talk louder than phrases. Hunter chooses the facet of the Insurrection right here, even when he doesn’t comprehend it.

I’m trying ahead to this present having a clearer sense of its personal identification, however the clones are most likely hoping for a similar reply about what they’re even doing. “They don’t know” is a wonderfully high quality reply to that query for now, although. It even affords the present the possibility to do some storytelling between the traces: What don’t they’ve? What precisely don’t they know? From which blind spots do enemies leap?

This episode isn’t fairly as targeted as final week’s “Rampage,” and I don’t suppose we’ve seen the most effective of what The Unhealthy Batch can accomplish that far. It continues to be inessential Star Wars viewing, however not less than the array of enemies and allies we see now could be starting to really feel like an entire world that offers the members of the Batch extra conflicts, folks, and concepts to bounce off.

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