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 It is currently airing. on NHK General TV in Japan, [e] Aniplus Asia and various countries in Asia-Pacifico, [f] and Crunchyroll, Funimation, Amazon Prime and Hulu in Canada and the United States.

The plot starts in a future where humanity’s remnants reside in three concentric settlements, each surrounded by enormous walls from Titans, gigantic humanoid beings that attack devour humans for no apparent reason. Follow the adventures of Eren Jaeger, his friends Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert, whose lives change forever after a colossal titan breaks through the wall of their hometown.

New characters

Given the change in perspective, fans can look forward to meeting some new characters in Attack on Titan Season 4, which the trailer has already revealed. The most popular new faces to enter the fray this last season are potentially Reiner’s cousin Gabi and her colleagues. These children live in the Eldian internment area of   Marley and are training to become the next generation of Titan warriors.

It will be interesting to see how this younger generation plays with the anime’s conclusion and whether or not they end up with a better world than the one Eren and Reiner were born into.

Total war

When the next Attack on Titan arc begins, Eldia and Marley are completely at war, and several battles have taken place during the time jump. It is no longer just the Survey Corps missions that separate Eren from Bertolt and Reiner; technology has also advanced.

Fans entering season four can expect the characters to toughen up and be ready to wage a war when we see them again. They can also anticipate a much less defenseless Eldia. With the explorers and history at the helm, the civilization behind the walls has advanced enough to become a formidable foe for Marley when the final battle arrives.

Anyone who thought Attack on Titan forgot about Annie Leonhart will be pleasantly surprised to learn that, no, the manga and anime haven’t completely abandoned this story. shot of Armin kneeling on ground.

This is great news for fans of this story, because it shows that the writers don’t just leave plot points behind. They plan to sort out the issues next season, which makes fans more likely to come to a satisfactory conclusion to this story.