Watch Bitten

Watch Bitten

Elena Michaels is a journalist. She is the only female werewolf aussi dans le monde. Beginning a life away from the supernatural, she thought That Were things getting to normal. HOWEVER, as she begins working one evening, she is contacted by her pack form. The leader of the pack of wolves wants her to join ’em again. Michaels Decides to take the opportunity and go back to the life she knows. She is leaving her life as a photographer, a life of working with others.

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When she Enters the world of werewolves again, she remembers all of the rules she must follow That. One of the rules is to protect the pack and the members in it, no matter what. There is one person in the pack Who She has tried to get out of her life since she left. Her world is soon turned upside down Because she is the only female werewolf.

Friday 9:00 PM and / pt on Syfy
3 Seasons, 35 Episodes
December 10, 2013

7.1 / 10
Cast: Laura Vandervoort , Greyston Holt , Greg Bryk , Steve Lund

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