Watch BlazBlue: Alter Memory

Watch BlazBlue: Alter Memory

The year is 2199. After being white exhausted by a series of magic Devastating wars, humanity is looking at the Beginning of the New Millennium in the hopes of Having a fresh start. HOWEVER, rumor spreads That was dangerous SS-class criminal by the name of Ragna the Bloodedge HAS Appeared in the city of Kagutsuchi. In pursuit of The Enormous bounty on this criminal’s head, a wide number of fighters-have recently Appeared in the city.

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Loosely based on the stories of two games from the BlazBlue game video franchising, this animates contains plenty of the Action fans are expecting. While remaining faithful to the source material ict, extensive knowledge of the games is not required to enjoy this gold Understand Action packed drives.

BlazBlue: Alter Memory features the writing of famed Japanese writers Tetsuya Takahashi, responsible for the writing of various video games and anime titles, and Deko Akao, a veteran writer For Many anime shows. It is produced by famed anime studio Hoods Entertainment.

Wednesday 1:30 am and / pt on FUNimation
Season 1, 12 episodes
October 8, 2013
Action & Adventure , Anime

6.6 / 10
Cast: Cristina Valenzuela

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