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Watch brickleberry

The brickleberry TV show is presented by one Miss Martha. The presenter says the TV show brickleberry Was Born to help curb the Excesses of alcoholism in the world. She says That, the reason she started this show Was as a result of the experiences her brother and herself through Went When They Were Kids Because Their mother Was a drunk. The Targeted population of the TV show is brickleberry women.

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Because her mother was drunk Was, Was life like hell for her elder brother and herself. Their mother never cared one bit about Their well being. She Did not Know They ate whether or not, whether or not clothed They Were, whether gold They Went to school or not. That if not for Their father, she does not know what her brother and herself Would Have turned out to be. She will forever be grateful to her father for Sacrificing everything for ’em.

It is not a bad thing for a woman to take a little bit of alcohol. Goal taking it in excess is not good. Imagine what DID alcohol to her mother. It rendered her useless to herself and her family. Because of her addiction to alcohol, she lost her job. She ended up being white has burden to the family. Instead of her taking care of her children, It was the reverse. That she Brought a lot of shame and disgrace to her family, her husband and children Especially.

She Said That it is very disappointing to women who is Supposed to love and cherish her children est la même person Who does not know what is happening Even in Their Lives. That this is unheard of. Any women Who does this is wicked. And will not escape the wrath of God.

Tuesday 10:30 PM and / pt on Comedy Central
4 Seasons, 36 Episodes
September 25, 2012
Animation & Cartoons , Comedy , Family

7.3 / 10
Cast: Daniel Tosh , Roger Black , David Herman , Tom Kenny

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