Watch Dirt

Watch Dirt

Dirt is an FX serial drama centering around the melding of two fictional publications, Dirt, a gossip rag and Now, a more respectable and glossy publication. Courtney Cox stars as Lucy Spiller, the editor in chief of this magazine and venture Has to deal with all of the growing pains one might expect from two very different staffs and styles coming together. Lucy’s best friend is Don, schizophrenic freelance photographer Who Struggles with guilt issues. Don and Lucy MOST Spend Their Time of searching out celebrity gossip and stories for the magazine.

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As the series progressed, Don’s schizophrenic hallucinations and Lucy’s depression Become more apparent and the two find Themselves Often locked in battle with Their Own worst natures As They try to makes sense of the world and keep the magazine afloat.

The show premiered on January 2, 2007 and is produced by Coquette Productions Studies and ABC, a Disney affiliate.

5 Seasons, 106 episodes
January 2, 2007

7.0 / 10
Cast: Courteney Cox , Ian Hart , Josh Stewart , Alexandra Breckenridge

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