Watch Dominion

Watch Dominion

The science fiction TV show continuous Dominion the story of the movie Legion, qui entre Depicted the battle groups of angels for control of the people of Earth. The story is set around 25 Years After the ending of legion and centers on the character of Sergeant Alex Lannon, Who slowly Comes To Realize That he is the one Chosen to be the savior of all humanity as the battle entre les angles of dark and light abstracts on Earth.

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Focusing on a post apocalyptic rent That Was ounce Las Vegas, the character of Lannon is the child of the hand characters in Legion and the ongoing story Begun by the characters of Charlie and Jeep from the original movie. Lannon Along With His strengths ordered Michael and his lover Claire As They battle to save what is now called Expired Vega from the invading force of darkness. Lannon’s role is Questioned by Those Who do and do not believe in the prophecy of the chosen one Who will one day save humanity from the invading force of Gabriel.

Thursday 10:00 PM and / pt. we Syfy
2 Seasons, 21 Episodes
June 19, 2014
Drama , Fantasy , Science Fiction

6.8 / 10
Cast: Christopher Egan , Tom Wisdom , Roxanne McKee , Luke Allen-Gale

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