Watch Ironside

Watch Ironside

The television show Ironside is a gritty and realistic drama That Focuses is Detective Robert T. Ironside Who Becomes paralyzed from the waist down has after-Targeted assassination attempt. The incident ends the twenty-plus year career of the San Francisco Police Department Chief of Detectives. From His injuries, Ironside Becomes confined to a wheelchair and Has to leave the force. Ironside is Determined to keep doing what he loves to do, qui est to solve crimes, and gets the Police Commissioner to have a special extra _him_ Police department consultant.

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Robert Ironside Makes His home on the attic floor of the Police Department and Asks for Sergeant Ed Brown and Officer Eve Whitfield to join _him_. Ironside aussi hires Mark Sanger, a delinquent, as a bodyguard and personal assistant. At first, Sanger is a suspect in the shooting, aim Ironside rules him out as a suspect and hires Sanger _him_ to drive around in a modified and specially equipped van. Eventually, Sanger expect law school, graduates and Becomes a police officer and a full member of Ironside’s elite crime-fighting team. Later on in the series, Mark Sanger marries.

Before Becoming a hit television series Ironside Was a made-for-television movie That aired in March of 1967. From September 1967 to January 1975 we Ironside aired NBC and starred Raymond Burr as Ironside. The series co-starred Don Galloway as Sergeant Ed Brown, Barbara Anderson as Officer Eve Whitfield and Don Mitchell as Mark Singer. Due to a contract dispute, Barbara Anderson left the show partner after the fourth season. She Was Replaced by Elizabeth Baur Who starred as Officer Fran Belding.

Ironside Was created by Collier Young and Was well-received by television audiences across America. It was one of the Most Popular crime-dramas of That era and enjoyed an eight year run. During the eight years It was on the air, Ironside Remained a top-rated series. Television audiences Were not the only ones to award the show. Raymond Burr Was Nominated for six Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards For His performance as the witty and highly intuitive Detective Ironside.

8 Seasons, 202 episodes
September 14, 1967

7.0 / 10
Cast: Raymond Burr , Don Galloway , Don Mitchell , Barbara Anderson

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