Watch Jessie

Watch Jessie

“Jessie” is a popular children’s show airing on the Disney Channel. Viewers will Recognize Debby Ryan Who plays the character hand from her long-time role on “The Suite Life and Its sequel” The Suite Life on Deck. “In” Jessie “Ryan is a young girl from Texas, starting out life in New York . She Accepts a nanny position with a well-heeled couples caring for children witty Their oven.

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Emma, ​​the oldest girl est the only biological child. The other three children are adopté and therefore come from different backgrounds. Luke, Ravi and Zuri are the other three children. Luke is a video game obsessed 12 year old born in Detroit. Ravi is ten and the Most recent adopté Ross kid. He is from Indiana and holds it à son deeply eastern culture. He: has a seven foot long water monitor lizard African named Mr. Kipling That Is a character as well. Zuri is the youngest child on the show and she is adopté from Africa. Bertram, the sarcastic aim loveable butler est aussi a featured character in Almost Each episode. Surprisingly the parents, Christina and Morgan Ross APPEAR only Rarely on the show.

The show is set in the family’s swanky New York penthouse and wide. Each episode features a different adventure as Jessie explored the still foreign New York City and deals with raising the four children in the frequent lack of Their Parents.

Parents will appreciate the family friendly storylines and diverse cast. The show is single and Easily Appeals to and is Appropriate for young children up to younger teenagers.

Friday 9:30 pm and / pt on Disney
6 Seasons, 102 episodes
September 30, 2011

5.9 / 10
Cast: Debby Ryan , Peyton List , Cameron Boyce , Karan Brar

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