Watch Lockdown

Watch Lockdown

Lockdown is a television show That takes the viewer is an insider look into the prison and jail systems in the United States of America. As residents of the United States, a lot of us do not know the gravity of the jail systems in America, and this show Attempts to show the viewer just how bad thesis seats can be and Provides insight into hardcore criminals That are serving hard time in our jails across the country.

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The show is broadcasted Lockdown on the National Geographic Channel in the year 2007 and since HAS released two seasons. HOWEVER in the combination of These two seasons, the show broadcasted HAS only ten hour long episodes That take a deeper look into what is going on behind jail walls. DESPITE amassing a fairly small number of episodes in total the show has-been met with above average reviews from the public and from critics and bloggers alike.

Digging into the unknown for MOST of Americans in the United States, this show offers a look into the Place That residents have we never want to visit. When a person is sent to jail or the penitentiary there are a ton of variables and other things going on That We May not see on the outside. When a person goes to jail or prison, They Are not just put in a jail cell Where They wait till They Are released. On The Contrary, They are in a fight for Their life and are subject to hazards That Exceed gold wildest imaginations if we have-nots-been to this kind of place before.

The show taps on the subject of gang wars, and race riots in the jail system. It shows various kinds of jails Including women’s prisons and shows how life is in maximum security penitentiaries across the United States of America. Lockdown offers a new look into the world That Many fall into after-being white Convicted of Crime and sheds light on the deeper lying issues That a person May encounter When getting caught up in the jail system in America.

Tuesday 10:00 PM and / pt on National Geographic
4 Seasons, 28 Episodes
May 7, 2006
Documentary & Biography

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