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The major television series is probably one of the most-watched documentary series ever to air television is there a weekly journey of one hour into the animal kingdom, and / or various ecosystems. The world over contents, each episode May highlight a specific animal species Such As howler monkeys and explain Their behavior Such As the sounds They Make for Their mating rituals gold SPECIFICALLY, what sort of impact They Have on Their Particular environment in Reviews another hour May delve into how snakes give birth or How they shed Their skin, and the sort of impact Several snake species That May-have we Given environment for good or ill.

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Another episode, HOWEVER, might simply be discussing a Given Environment Such As the gold jungle Arctic as a whole and how Each share of the ecosystem interact with one Reviews another to show aussi deals with environmental issues Such As global warming or rain forest deforestation or the impact That has made some species being white is going to extinct-have was some area of ​​the world Such as the United States. Brazil Mexico or Africa and the implications of These things happening in one area and what it means clustering and for the world as a whole. The program deals with the ways aussi That mankind can help to make sour That thesis ecosystems and animals stay healthy and intact for generations to come Many. This helps show aussi suit les a deeper understanding and connection with the world

The program HAS absolutely stunning cinematography Went up close and personal encounters, all of the various animals and environments That will make the viewer feel as though They Are Front and center for every bit of the action. Whether That Is Becoming hand of a pride of lions, or learning to swing from tree to tree like a chimpanzee the viewer is going to be made to feel a deep connection with whatever environment or animal the show happens to be highlighting for the week so whether the viewer is interested in a specific animal gold area of ​​the world it will not be disappointed When They are watching kind. It will take the viewer we journey to the ends of the earth and back again Each weekend.

Wednesday 8:00 PM and / pt on PBS
36 Seasons, 451 episodes
October 10, 1982
Nature , Documentary & Biography , Animals

8.8 / 10
Cast: F. Murray Abraham , Chris Morgan , George Page

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