Watch Pawnography

Watch Pawnography

Pawnography is a game show hosted by comedian Christopher Titus. Two contestants compete to win cash and items from pawnshop owner Rick Harrison. In round one, contestants compete contre Rick Harrison’s son and family friend Austin Russell (aka Chumlee). In round two, contestants compete contre Rick Harrison himself.

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In Both rounds, contestants must answer multiple-choice question to earn cash to Become eligible to win the item. Contestants lose the item if the pawnshop The Most raises money. The contestant with The Most cash moves on to a bonus round in hopes of winning items from Each round and earned cash. The pawnshop owners and challenging-have 60 seconds to answer ten issues correctly.

Prior to revealing Who Answered The Most questions, Rick Harrison Attempts to negotiate by Offering less cash than the items are worth. The contestant can choose to take the offer gold-have the results Revealed. The contestant can lose everything if results show They Answered the least number of questions.

Thursday 10:00 PM and / pt on History Channel
2 Seasons, 30 Episodes
July 10, 2014
Game Show

4.7 / 10
Cast: Rick Harrison , Corey Harrison , Austin ‘Chumlee’ Russell , Christopher Titus

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