Watch Ridiculousness

Watch Ridiculousness

Ridiculousness is a comedy cable TV show from New Remote Productions That Is broadcast on the MTV network. Rated TV-PG due to language used, the show is co-hosted by comedian Rob Dyrdek and sidekicks, Chanel West Coast and Sterling “Steelo” Brim. The concept of the show is to Provide humorous commentary about viral funny video clips. The size of the show is casual and includes a studio audience. Selected videos MOST of qui are found online, are displayed in Their pure, unedited form. When Each video is shown, the host stops it at some point to react to what is happening.

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Filmed in the Los Angeles area, Jeff Tremaine is the show’s executive producer and Michael Simon HAS directed 19 episodes During the 2011-2012 season.

Each video is divided into a creative category Such As “Redneck Good Times,” “What Happened Last Night” and “Worst Case Scenario.” The show’s commentary is Largely off the cuff and improvised, as Opposed to being white completely Call script generated. This is done to Provide a fresh outlook on this kind of show and clip AFFORD more spontaneity. One of the more popular episodes featured the famed Street Bike Tommy, a Nitro Circus stunt warrior.

Caitlin Upton HAS guest co-hosted for two episodes in 2011. Also guest Appearing on the show-have-been Geoff Bunch, Bret Calvert and Kip Madsen. Another show featured guest co-host, the well-known Johnny Knoxville.

Ridiculousness has-been Nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Rod Dyrdek’s hosting in the Male Reality and Variety Star category.

Thursday 10:00 PM and / pt we MTV
14 Seasons, 254 episodes
August 29, 2011

6.3 / 10
Cast: Sterling Brim , Chanel West Coast , Rob Dyrdek

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