Watch Sharpe

Watch Sharpe

Based on the series of novels by author Bernard Cornwell, this series of TV movies and mini-series tells the story of a group of British soldiers fighting unconventional During the Napoleonic Wars in the 19th century. The series begins with Private Richard Sharpe using His skills as a marksman to save the life of General Sir Arthur Wellesey, Sharpe Who raises to the level of lieutenant, has position That Brings the working class hero into conflict with more privileged His older officers.

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Sharpe is Placed in support of a group of expert marksman by Wellesey, Who Allows the group of sharp shooters to be assembled Even Though Many can not cope with the rules of the Army. As Sharpe Becomes more and more trusted by Wellesey and his officers, Sharpe’s gang of men are Chosen Given the opportunity to impress by Completing tasks and duties That are Often seen as possible in fighting Napoleon’s French forces. ALTHOUGH presented as a group of swashbuckling tales, the hero and his gang of men we embark Many romantic links to Overcome and fight the prejudice faced by Sharpe.

3 Seasons, 18 Episodes
May 12, 1993
Cast: Sean Bean

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