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The best horror movies of all time aren’t just full of scares and things that shatter at night. While these are recurring themes, the best horror movies are the ones that make you scream while watching, but also the ones that haunt your nightmares long after the credits end. The best horror movies are like onions and ogres; they have diapers. After all, shock and monster visuals look cheap if they’re not presented the right way, and that’s very often what non-horror fans don’t get about the genre. We’re not all here for the guts and the blood. We need the emotional and psychological elements as much as anything else. And that’s what threateningly lurks here on this list of 30 horrors on the big screen.

This collection is a shock of carefully condensed fears. A concentrated solution, so to speak, of the best of decades of scares. With only thirty slot machines the competition was fierce and we made sure there was an equal weighting of cold and horribly modern classics. It’s a world where Ari Aster and Jennifer Kent rub shoulders with Tobe Hooper and Alfred Hitchcock, and we’re all luckier for that. Plus, as the streaming services continue to load up on all kinds of horror movies, it’s best to make sure you do your regular homework so you see where it all started. Have some snacks and sit down to watch the best horror movies ever.

Host (2020)

The movie: We knew he was on his way, but the post-pandemic horror has already arrived in the form of a Zoom call that went very, very badly. Desperate for something to do other than endless lockdown quizzes, sorry: a group of friends get together for a mid-lockdown online session. What follows is a short, abrupt burst of adrenaline pumping streaks encountered in an intimidating 56-minute span. The Host isn’t the first horror to unfold on a computer screen, drawing terribly from REC, The Blair Witch Project, and Paranormal Activity, but it delivers a dangerously relevant horror nightmare. Happy creepy.

Why it’s scary: Thanks to quarantine we are all fluent in Zoom and every interaction, every joke about parents refusing to stay and issues with confinement is painfully identifiable. Therefore, when this group of women light candles and something happens where it is supposed to be safe, we cannot avoid being dragged along on the journey. Some truly innovative uses of modern technology provide perfect scares for 2020, and brilliant performance carries tension into excruciatingly terrifying territory. If that’s what director Rob Savage can do locked away without any real face-to-face interaction with his cast, it’ll be very interesting to see what he does next.

 Saw (2004)

The Movie: It could have rekindled the so-called torture porn genre with its (for the most part) really disgusting sequels, but, and it’s a big ‘but,’ the original Saw isn’t quite as gross as you think so and happens. be a brilliant horror. Yes, the title is about a tool with which a depraved killer suggests that someone remove their leg instead of using a wrench to open a bracelet, but Saw is actually very restrained. The ideas that work here are a lot scarier on your mind than what you see on the screen. Made on a tight budget by Leigh Whannell and James Wan, this story of two men waking up in a bathroom, with a corpse between them, is twisted but constantly intriguing.

Why It’s Scary: Simply put, we all play the game of Jigsaw with our heroes. What would we be prepared to do to save our own miserable lives? Would we be Amanda, ready to rummage through our stomachs for a key, or should we just sit back and wait for some ultra-gruesome fate? Add in the real dread of “ Billy, ” Jigsaw’s painted cycling figurehead, and one of the spookiest extended jump fear streaks ever, and Saw still manages to pack a punch covered in barbed wire.