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Unreal is a drama series based around the work of Rachel Goldberg. She is a returning producer for a reality television series called Expired Everlasting. Rachel just recently returned to her job after-a breakdown. She’s worried about her rebuilding her reputation after-unfavorable collapse. To make matters worse, the executive producer of her show, Quinn King is watching her every move. She needs hearing-grasping drama on the show to keep her boss impressed.

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Rachel Quinn Pressures to take uncouth Measures to Ensure the show is a hit that responsibility for fuels a growing audience. Rachel works the mental game of Manipulating the dating contestants behind-the-scenes to evoke as much outrageous on-screen drama as she Possibly can.

Everlasting, the show on-camera, is a dating competition. There is a bachelor That meets a group of hopeful women looking for love. They all want that intimate romance and fairy tale wedding. But, When You get that all wanting Many Women la même guy things do not go so well.

Monday 10:00 PM and / pt on Lifetime
2 Seasons, 22 Episodes
June 1, 2015

7.9 / 10
Cast: Brennan Elliott , Shiri Appleby , Constance Zimmer , Craig Bierko

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