Watch Whitechapel

Watch Whitechapel

Produced by Carnival Films and ITV aired it, Whitechapel is a British drama That HAS Police run for three seasons with a fourth in the works. The series is Focuses present day crimes, usually murders, in the Whitechapel area of ​​London That sccm to follow historical precedents of other crimes. As well as the murders, the story follows a detective new to Whitechapel and his Team As They solve the cases. The first season Dealt With A modern Jack the Ripper, the second with the infamous Kray twins, and the third with Lesser Known murders from London’s past. Series regulars include Rupert Penry-Jones as Detective Inspector Chandler, Phil Davis as Detective Sergeant Miles and Steve Pemberton as historian and Ripper expert Buchan.

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Joseph Chandler is an obsessive compulsive detective with family connections being white groomed for a Higher in the Police station forces When He is temporarily assigned as the Detective Inspector difficulty to the Whitechapel district. He is there to solve an easy Apparently Murder That turns into a complicated box qui Chandler’s testing abilities and exacerbates His struggle With His mental disorder. In addition to the Difficulties of the box, Chandler is met with disdain the de son fellow detectives Who _him_ see as nothing more than a paper-pusher Without Any practical experience. He Has Particular trouble with the Man Who Ought To be His right hand, the Sergeant Ray Miles.

Through His tenacity and daring, Chandler Proves himself to Miles and his fellow detectives and gains Their trust while Alienating himself from the Men Who Meant to Promote _him_. As the final straw That ruins His opportunity to move up, he chooses to save Miles’ life over catching the Ripper and false EARNS himself a permanent spot at Whitechapel. The team leaps further Top boxes as Their Become more dangerous and Chandler’s push limits. They Are in season two has pitted contre conspiracy dans le Police Force Itself That tries and fails to bring the team down Whitechapel. With Miles’ bracket in season three, Chandler solves boxes and begins to Overcome His mental problems.

Wednesday 10:00 PM and / pt on BBC America
4 Seasons, 18 Episodes
October 26, 2011
Crime , Drama

8.0 / 10
Cast: Rupert Penry-Jones , Phil Davis , Steve Pemberton , Sam Stockman

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