What did you say to god? (2013) Online

What did you say to God? (2013) Online

  • Original title What did you say to God?
  • Comedy genre
  • Year 2013
  • quality DvdRip
  • audio Latino
Martina and Lupita two servant girls who decide to do it all for love, when his patron, Marcela, let not go to a wedding in their village. The two sisters steal clothes and shoes and flee the village where Lupita looking to impress her boyfriend Pepe, to finally marry her. When Marcela discovers the theft, recruits Marifer, his innocent poor friend to go look for them, recover their things and do justice. So your weekend break becomes a revealing journey of adventure and discovery that will change the lives of all. What did you say to god? It’s a fun comedy that tells the rhythm of the best rolas Juan Gabriel, stories of love, friendship and betrayal of these four women who say they understand why it is better to ask forgiveness than permission.

What did you say to god? On-line

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