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There may be something about the notion that action films are underappreciated by some parts of the vital populace. But there is such a thing as a terrible and wild adventure film, and “A Fine Day to Die” is one of them. A no-nonsense action film may be anything like “Live Free or Die Hard,” which received an 81 percent rating.

More specifically, if you trust the public, if movie reviews are a poor thing, why are you spending your time on a movie review website? The critiques are not shared by me. They seem to be out of step with mainstream tastes, in my opinion.

More specifically, if you believe in the public, if movie reviews are a bad thing, why are you spending your time on a website ded?

I used to make a deliberate attempt not to read movie reviews. I usually find it humorous when they’re breading something. And why is this the case? “Because he’s not like us,” Kurt Russel says in John Carpenter’s The Thing. This is where the issue arises. They are not like us, who live for comic books, monsters, science fiction, and fantasy. They’re still on the lookout for the next art film, or an adaptation of the last dull great American novel. They liken the big game to people alone in a room haunted by their sadness. Until the scene where the character’s anguish fractures them and they are concerned. They will periodically praise a groundbreaking 

Over the years, I’d read several superhero movie articles in which it was clear that the writer had never read a comic or watched an animation film, let alone a hero film. One in particular that struck a chord with me was a critique of the film Thor written by a Chicago reviewer. He enjoyed seeing Thor without his strength, describing it as a “fish out of water” storey. But as soon as Thor recovered his “stupid superpowers,” the movie went downhill for him. For most Marvel fans, I believe that is when the film really began. We needed to see Thor use his hammer to smash everything. But, once again, this study differed from ours. After a few years, opponents changed their minds and now award man high points.

After a few years, reviewers changed their minds and now send all superhero movies rave reviews, often overly rave reviews (see Captain Marvel). They’ve hopped on the bandwagon, so to speak, in an attempt to remain popular in a society where they’re becoming increasingly irrelevant.

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