While you sleep (2011) Online

While You Sleep (2011) Online

  • While you sleep (2011)
  • Original title while you sleep
  • genre Thriller
  • Year 2011
  • quality DvdR
  • Subtitled Spanish Audio Latino
The film follows Cesar, the goalkeeper of an apartment building and would not trade this job for no other, because it allows you to get to know the movements, the most intimate habits, weaknesses and secrets of all tenants. If you would like could even control their lives, influencing them as God, open their wounds and delve into them. And all without raising any suspicion. Because Caesar keeps a very peculiar secret: he likes to hurt, move the pieces necessary to produce pain around. And the new neighbor 5ºB not stop smiling. Enters and leaves each radiant and happy, full daylight. So soon become the new goal of the game Caesar. It’s about a personal challenge, of an obsession.


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