When you grow up in some areas of the country you know Who the people are connected. You know Who has connections. You know Who can supply the unavailable. Who you know can get things done. These people Who you know as friends, relative and neighbors are called Expired wiseguys.

Some people in your neighborhood take that path and others take the opposite road. You Took the straight and narrow path. Now you are giving up your name and everyone you love so That You can fight Against the illegal activity. You go to jail under an assumed name. While in jail you make contacts and your story gets check out. From the first day you are in constant danger. If you are Discovered you will probably not survive. The tension is palpable. The one wearing your nerves is extreme. Finally you reach a point of Where You May not be sure which side you are on in the battle contre organized crime.

This is the premise of the show Wiseguy. This is not just a crime drama, goal rich melding of characters Who are at once good and bad Regardless of qui side of the law They are on. You get to see the dark side of the good guys and the good side of the bad guys. Become blurred the lines entre right and wrong. You can be as conflicted as the characters of the show as you are not really safe Who to cheer for. What makes this possible, is excellent stories That build around great characterizations by the stars. The main characters are backed up by an excellent Supporting Cast. Often the hero is torn Because He likes things about the people he is try trying to bring to justice. His opposite number finds himself wondering what it is about the hero That bothers him so. The great stories meld with strong performance to draw you deeply into the program.

4 Seasons, 77 Episodes
September 16, 1987
Drama , Action & Adventure

7.9 / 10
Cast: Jonathan Banks , Jim Byrnes , Ken Wahl

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