Loki Episode 2 Ending Explained: The Variant Mystery and Marvel Connections

This text accommodates spoilers for Marvel’s Loki episode 2, “The Variant.”

Marvel’s Loki episode 2, “The Variant” is all about precisely what you suppose it’s: uncovering the thriller of who the murderous Loki variant the TVA is monitoring. And the ending of Loki episode 2 does precisely that…or does it?

Whereas we’re definitely meant to consider on first look that the mysterious and magical girl beneath the hood is solely a feminine variant of Loki, and there’s loads of precedent for Loki’s genderfluid nature within the comics, there’s simply sufficient ambiguity (and even a little bit little bit of proof) to level to the truth that “Woman Loki” won’t be “Woman Loki” in any respect.

However let’s begin with the golden-horned elephant within the room, since you could be questioning why there’s a woman model of Loki operating round within the first place…

Woman Loki

Our story begins on the finish: Ragnarok. Marvel Comics Ragnarok, that’s.

Thor: Disassembled was the closing arc to the quantity of Thor comics that ran from 1996’s Heroes Reborn till roughly 2004. It was written by Michael Avon Oeming and drawn by Andrea di Vito, and it was glorious, a meta tackle the position of story on this planet and the way characters react to destiny, future, and free will when they’re a part of a narrative. 

It’s additionally a surprisingly big affect on the philosophical conversations on this week’s episode – within the comics model, Thor turned the All Father and noticed the cyclical struggling his folks have been compelled to undergo as Ragnaroks recurred, so, with Loki’s severed head dangling from his belt and protesting the entire means by means of, Thor initiated a “ultimate” Ragnarok and shattered the loom on the base of the World Tree. 

Two years later, Asgard was reborn over Broxton, Oklahoma, throughout J. Michael Straczynski run as author on Thor. The reborn Thor was tasked with discovering the reborn variations of his fellow Asgardians, and a kind of, to Thor’s nice shock, was a brand new feminine Loki. She stayed fairly villainous the entire time she was a lady, most notably becoming a member of Norman Osborn’s Cabal (the dangerous man mirror of Marvel’s Illuminati, a staff composed of ostensibly good guys who principally simply frolicked collectively doing a ton of awful shit). 

So how does this tie into this week’s episode and the attainable Woman Loki we meet right here? Effectively, for that we have to take a look at one other Loki “variant” from the comics…

Between Mobius discussing the likelihood that Loki desires to shake up his conduct and Loki’s claims that actually stabbing folks within the again is overdone, issues appear a bit harking back to Loki’s conduct within the comics circa Siege. In that story, Loki died a heroic, albeit considerably pointless demise in opposition to the Void. Quickly after, Loki was reborn as a baby and gained the belief of the likes of Thor and sure others.

This turned out to be Loki’s plan from the start. The “evil trickster” persona was too predictable and had hit a wall, so he staged his personal demise (whereas protecting his soul alive) and had himself resurrected as a baby who needed to make use of his abilities for good. 

To make a protracted, very difficult (however superb) story quick: previous evil Loki overwrote the great little one after a battle with Mephisto and took the kid’s place. Wracked with guilt and nonetheless needing to interrupt the chains of his future (and in addition current in a universe the place IRL Tom Hiddleston was enormously well-liked and charming), previous evil Loki in a teenage physique determined to try to rewrite his personal future and continued doing good. 

Or no less than good-ish – he manipulated a gaggle of Avengers-adjacent teen heroes into reforming the Younger Avengers so he might defeat an interdimensional parasite that took the type of the Avengers’ mother and father, all to guard one of many Scarlet Witch’s children from going mad along with his energy. It is a roundabout means of claiming: keep tuned for Younger Avengers on D+ in 2023, gang (Editor’s be aware: this present hasn’t been introduced, confirmed, and even credibly rumored…however, c’mon, everyone knows it’s occurring).

ANYWAY, one of many options that distinguished Woman Loki from her predecessor was her skill to own her victims. This runs opposite to Loki Prime, as most of his possession talents come from use of the Thoughts Stone. In any other case, the closest factor is no matter spell he put Odin beneath on the finish of Thor: The Darkish World. It is a doubtless indicator that Woman Loki has a extra superior energy set than Loki Prime – it’s attainable {that a} Loki coming back from the MCU’s Thor: Ragnarok and his demise by the hands of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity War might have developed her powers extra over time. It’s additionally attainable she’s acquired some Thoughts Stone in her, however that’s unlikely on condition that we’ve seen a pile of inert Infinity Gems in Casey’s desk. 

Who’s Sylvie?

Nevertheless it’s additionally very attainable that Woman Loki isn’t a Loki in any respect. 

Within the Castillian dub credit on the finish of the episode, Sophie di Martino’s character, who we’re all assuming to be Loki based mostly on comics historical past and the dialogue within the present, is credited as “Sylvie.” 

Sylvie Lushton was a daily lady dwelling in Broxton, Oklahoma, when the reborn Asgard appeared within the sky over her hometown. The reborn Woman Loki, on a lark, determined to provide Sylvie powers simply to mess along with her, and mess along with her it did. 

Sylvie, utilizing her new powers to justify the concept that she was really a reborn Asgardian, took on the title Enchantress (extra on that in a second), moved to New York, and began making an attempt to hitch a superhero staff. She was finally recruited to hitch Norman Osborn’s subtly darkish model of the Younger Avengers, earlier than Woman Loki dropped a bomb on her: she didn’t actually exist, and was solely created to entertain Loki. Sylvie refused to simply accept that, and healed…someway…from an influence loss tied with Loki’s demise. 

From there, Sylvie was manipulated into becoming a member of extra supervillain groups earlier than posing as Amora the Enchantress to infiltrate a brand new Cabal of villains. When the actual Amora caught wind of this, she was understandably pissed concerning the model dilution and launched Sylvie into the Ten Realms to see if she would survive.

Somebody Else Totally?

The MCU is beneath no obligation to be devoted to the comics, and so they love mixing up components of characters and tales to swimsuit their very own storytelling functions. To that finish, it’s attainable that the massive Loki episode 2 ending is definitely revealing a personality who’s each Woman Loki AND Sylvie, and contemplating that Sylvie was initially only a magical creation of Loki anyway, we are able to see how this could make sense.

The case each for and in opposition to this being Woman Loki will be present in her dialogue, significantly when she has possessed Hunter B-15. “If anybody’s anybody, you’re me,” certain seems like one thing one variant Loki would possibly say to a different. However then her “don’t name me that” admonition to Loki would possibly trace at one thing else occurring.

Whoever that was on the finish of the episode, it’s an intriguing thriller that makes episode 3 appointment viewing.

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