Loki: Is the TVA The Most Powerful Entity in the MCU?

This text comprises spoilers for Loki episode 1.

Loki Laufeyson, bless him, realizes early on within the Disney+ sequence bearing his identify that the Time Variance Authority is to not be trifled with. 

Upon assembly Loki, a TVA “Hunter” named B-15 (Wunmi Mosaku) whoops him with a time stick, the reverberations of which rattle round The God of Mischiefs’s physique at 1/sixteenth pace as he hits the bottom. Somewhat in a while, Loki makes an attempt to do a few of his trademark trickster magic solely to seek out that his skills don’t work within the TVA’s workplaces.

No offense to Marvel’s newest TV star, however it’s not confirmed notably tough to maintain Loki in test by the MCU’s many movies. Thor defeated him of their first outing, The Avengers then defeated him of their first workforce up, and Thanos definitively killed him initially of Avengers: Infinity War. At first look, the TVA looks like the newest in a long-line of Marvel forces who enjoyment of kicking Loki’s ass.

However then close to the tip of Loki episode 1, one thing moderately disquieting occurs. Loki (Tom Hiddletson) has lastly gotten the drop on his captor Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) and runs off to retrieve the Tesseract and get the hell out of this brown and beige jail. When Loki threatens TVA pencil-pusher Casey (performed by Eugene Cordero) to open up the desk containing the Tesseract, he finds far more than he anticipated. Not solely is the Tesseract languishing in a nondescript desk, so too are a pile of Infinity Stones.

“Oh yeah, we’ve truly received plenty of these. A few of the guys use them as paperweights,” Loki’s new pal says. 

In a recent interview with Empire, Marvel head Kevin Feige mentioned that Loki “could have extra affect on the MCU than any of the exhibits to this point.” Right here in episode 1, we see a first-rate instance of what Feige means. The Infinity Stones dominated a complete decade of Marvel cinematic storytelling. Mixed collectively, the Area, Actuality, Energy, Soul, Thoughts, and Time Stones represented the apex of energy in the entire studio’s 23 movies.

It took the mixed efforts of each single Marvel character to defeat Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet and now dozens of them are simply chilling in a submitting cupboard. That begs the query: is the TVA probably the most highly effective entity within the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It’s too early in Loki’s six-episode run to get a definitive reply to that query. But when we have been to enterprise a guess, we might go together with a really daring and decisive “in all probability not.” Enable us to clarify. 

Although the Marvel Cinematic Universe feels prefer it’s been round endlessly at this level, the Infinity Saga is simply the primary of many deliberate arcs for the studio. Marvel has many irons within the hearth nonetheless, with almost 25 extra movies and TV exhibits formally on the docket and numerous extra undoubtedly rattling round Kevin Feige’s mind. As subsequent eras of Marvel motion pictures and TV exhibits arrive, there will definitely be threats a minimum of corresponding to Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet.

Nonetheless, Marvel needs to be cautious in relation to escalation in its apocalyptic threats. In some unspecified time in the future introducing much more highly effective villains could have diminishing returns. Going from Thanos to Galactus to The Beyonder to The One Above All sounds cool on paper, however it additionally runs the danger of exhausting its viewers’s creativeness with a God-powered arms race. 

With the TVA, Marvel appears to be stepping into a extra cheap, smarter route. The TVA isn’t essentially extra highly effective than the Infinity Stones, it simply doesn’t acknowledge their inherent energy in any respect. As keepers of the Sacred Timeline, the TVA exists exterior of time itself. So why would something on the Sacred Timeline have the facility to usurp the TVA’s authority? Inside the confines of the TVA’s workplaces, not one of the nonsense from the “exterior” world issues. Loki’s powers don’t work, the Infinity Stones’ powers don’t work, and you’ll be fairly sure no different Avengers’ powers would work both. 

That doesn’t imply, nonetheless, that the TVA is extra highly effective than any of those entities…they only function exterior of them. Loki’s first episode reveals that an unseen Variant (who Mobius says is another Loki) is touring by time and creating havoc. The TVA’s hunters are being attacked out within the “actual world” and the remainder of the company appears unable to cease him. That’s why they must convey Loki in to assist in the primary place.

If the TVA actually possessed extra energy than the Infinity Stones, it might be capable to put a fast cease to the Variant Loki’s shenanigans. The TVA isn’t extra highly effective than the final word energy launched within the MCU to this point, it’s simply very highly effective differently.

That is excellent news for the long run well being of the franchise because it suggests its storytellers perceive the suitable dynamics in conserving superheroic confrations fascinating. The MCU doesn’t must hold introducing exponentially extra highly effective threats to Thanos, it simply must introduce threats which are equally as highly effective, however uniquely so. Consider it as a recreation of Rock-Paper-Scissors the place the TVA retains the Infinity Stones in test, the Infinity Stones hold actuality in test, and it’s as much as mischievous rogues like Loki to maintain the TVA in test. 

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