Loki: Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius Has Deep Marvel Roots

After an additional month of ready, we’re lastly on the fireworks manufacturing facility that’s Marvel’s Loki. Tom Hiddleston returns, utilizing his time-travel cameo in Avengers: Endgame to sidestep the truth that Loki died a heroic demise in Avengers: Infinity Conflict. Regardless of sneaking away with the Tesseract in a revised model of the primary Avengers film, issues don’t work out so nicely for our easily-annoyed villain.

And now…he’s caught working suicide missions with the Time Variance Authority. What a method for a god to spend his days.

The present appears to be making its method in direction of a buddy cop route with the addition of Owen Wilson. It’s the type of casting that has you saying, “Wait, is that this Owen Wilson’s first time in one among these? How has it taken so lengthy for Owen Wilson to get a job in a Marvel film?”

Personally, I needed him taking part in Booster Gold years in the past, however I’ll take no matter Owen Wilson time touring live-action comedian ebook character I can get.

Owen Wilson performs the position of TVA agent Mr. Mobius M. Mobius, devoted to the supply by holding that telltale mustache. However Mobius is greater than only a comedian character.

The Time Variance Authority was launched by Walt Simonson in Thor #372 in 1986, however wasn’t absolutely discovered as an idea till afterwards. Most notably, the group antagonized the Implausible 4 and Dr. Doom in Fantastic Four #352-354. They’re meant to maintain time journey beneath management and forestall paradoxes, however as a substitute of being a rad setup of jacked, troopers in colourful spandex begging for their very own comedian sequence, the TVA is actually a bunch of boring, cosmic bureaucrats.

Whereas the bottom degree workers of the TVA are faceless goons, the middle-management people are human-looking. In reality, all of them appear to be the identical human. Extra particularly, they’re made to appear to be Mark Gruenwald, a beloved Marvel author/artist/editor identified for his ardour and infinite information of detailed Marvel historical past.

You need to make sense out of the multiverse and timeline malarky? Make a bunch of clones of the man who can let you know what difficulty Luke Cage fought Mr. Fish with out having to look it up. He was the man writing The Official Marvel Handbook of the Universe and he was celebrated for being that man.

Gruenwald was a serious asset to Marvel again within the ’80s and ’90s. His prolonged run on Captain America gave us US Agent, Crossbones, Diamondback, and that tremendous sequence the place Magneto captured Pink Cranium and left him to die in a bunker. He additionally wrote Squadron Supreme, the place he put collectively a deconstructing tackle Marvel’s Justice League knockoff workforce, performing as Marvel’s contribution to the Darkish Knight Returns and Watchmen vibes rising in ’80s comics.

He additionally did a 5-year run on Quasar, notably doing a bizarre difficulty the place – going down someday after the occasions of Crisis on Infinite Earths – a blonde speedster in tattered, crimson tights confirmed up in Marvel and will solely do not forget that his identify sounded one thing like “Buried Alien.”

Dude was superior, is what I’m saying.

Sadly, Gruenwald died in 1996 because of a coronary heart assault. He stays beloved within the business and lives on each time the weirdos within the TVA present as much as try to put a cage across the chaos. They often fail, however the effort is there.

Mr. Mobius is simply one other one among his in-universe clones, however one which bought promoted above his genetic equals. Not that he’s the person on prime. No, that’s Mr. Alternity, who was based mostly on editor Tom Brevoort.

Now, as it’s proper now, there’s just one Mobius. We’ve seen loads of workers on the TVA and solely one among them is Owen Wilson. A minimum of for now.

The factor is, I wouldn’t anticipate the TVA to be all the identical as soon as the season is over. For a corporation devoted to creating positive there are not any alternate timelines, it’s suspiciously getting a highlight earlier than we get an animated series about alternate realities, a Spider-Man movie about alternate realities, and a Dr. Unusual film about alternate realities. To not point out we lately had another Spider-Man movie with the fakeout based around alternate realities.

The TVA comes off as slightly callous and will certainly deserve what’s coming to them. Mobius, however, at the moment comes off as a fairly good dude. He’s variety to youngsters and he exhibits compassion to Loki. Possibly, ultimately, the reply is to recreate the TVA so we get nothing however Mobius.

Consider it. A full group of Owen Wilsons. All of them saying, “Wow!” over one another. That’s a Loki trick I can get behind.

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Marvel’s Loki airs each Wednesday on Disney+.

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