Star Wars: The Bad Batch Episode 6 Easter Eggs Explained

This STAR WARS: THE BAD BATCH article incorporates spoilers.

In “Decommissioned,” the Unhealthy Batch proceed performing odd jobs for Cid. This time, they should journey certainly one of our Star Wars‘ most well-known planets to retrieve a tactical droid’s data-filled mind. Alongside the way in which, they’re joined by two surprising rivals, who need the knowledge contained in the tactical droid for their very own combat towards the Empire.

The Unhealthy Batch combat their means by way of the police droids guarding the power, spending some Star Wars canon connections alongside the way in which. Check out all of the Star Wars easter eggs and references we discovered this week:

Rafa and Hint Martez

The Martez sisters first appeared within the season seven episode of The Clone Wars titled “Gone With a Trace.” In the beginning of the arc referred to as “Ahsoka’s Journey,” Rafa and Hint take Ahsoka in after she leaves the Jedi Order and finds herself within the decrease depths of Coruscant. It’s an unlikely alliance contemplating the sisters’ emotions in direction of the Jedi.

They dislike and have little belief for the Order after their mother and father have been killed throughout a Jedi mission that additionally destroyed their house. Bounty hunter Cad Bane had been fleeing from the Jedi when he shot a transport ship, knocking it off its flight path. A Jedi, presumably Luminara Unduli, was in pursuit. She steered the transport ship away from a closely populated touchdown platform, however didn’t appear to appreciate or care that folks additionally lived within the lower-level residence block the place it finally crashed.

The orphaned Martez sisters discovered no solace within the Jedi after the accident, thought. She merely left them with an assurance that the Power was with them. After that, Rafa and Hint have been pressured to fend for themselves in Coruscant’s harmful Degree 1313. It’s comprehensible, then, why the sisters resent the Jedi.

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However in the middle of their adventures with Ahsoka, Hint and Rafa befriend her regardless of her previous. She hides her identities from them at first, however by the top, they’re loyal to her regardless of the place she got here from, and know she left the Order. The trio ultimately half methods after a run-in with the Pyke Syndicate and the Mandalorians, with Ahsoka going off to assist free Mandalore from Maul.

Hint and Rafa have clearly joined the combat towards the newly based Empire since then, however who’re they working for now? Their mysterious employer allegedly needs to make use of the tactical droid’s knowledge for the larger good, however an ominous ending throws doubt on what the last word objective is. Extra on that under…

R7 Droid

The droid touring with the Martez sisters appears rather a lot like R7-A7, Ahsoka’s Tano’s navigation droid. You may even see he has the identical inexperienced dome and purple-red physique in “Decommissioned.” So, is that this actually Ahsoka’s droid? It’s onerous to inform.

Afrer all, R7 was destroyed after Ahsoka and Captain Rex crash-landed a battleship in The Clone Wars series finale, but it surely’s doable Ahsoka rebuilt the droid and gave him into the Martez’s care sooner or later. As of now, it’s it might be the identical droid but it surely’s not been confirmed.

Bail Organa? Maul?

– The Martez sisters name a mysterious determine on the finish of the episode, saying they’ve acquired the tactical droid knowledge. Rafa additionally considers the existence of a rogue group of clones fascinating sufficient to inform her employer. The music on this scene is ominous, barely paying homage to the music from when Maul was captured throughout the Siege of Mandalore. And Rafa’s tone and expression are ambiguous, too: is she afraid of this individual? She actually doesn’t appear relieved to see them.

So may this actually be Maul, former Sith Lord turned gang organizer, who’s now disguised as a “insurgent? The Unhealthy Batch takes place solely mere days and weeks after Maul was caught up within the crumbling of the Republic. Regardless of being seize by Ahsoka and the clones, he managed to flee in The Clone Wars finale. Due to Solo: A Star Wars Story, we all know Maul went on to rebuild his legal group as soon as once more, this time because the shadowy chief of Crimson Daybreak. Might the Martez sisters be unknowingly working for the legal group?

– One other risk is Bail Organa, insurgent senator and Princess Leia’s adopted father. He’s probably already engaged on the underpinnings of the revolution towards the Empire, since he opposed Palpatine politically even earlier than the Sith Lord declared himself Emperor of the galaxy.

It wouldn’t be out of character for Organa to be working as a secret contact for spies attempting to achieve intelligence on the Empire. In any case, he was one of many key sources of data for the crew of freedom fighters on the Rebels animated sequence, a job he continued to play in Rogue One.

– Or may or not it’s Cassian Andor, a Separatist on his method to turning into a Insurgent spy? Or Sabé, certainly one of Padmé’s Handmaidens, who hid a few of the senator’s incriminating recordings after the occasions of Revenge of the Sith and just lately reappeared within the 2020 Darth Vader comedian sequence?


– Han Solo’s house planet has lengthy been a staple of the saga. Solo: A Star Wars Story detailed its soiled cities and underworld gangs, though the planet has appeared numerous instances earlier than within the books, comics, and video video games over the a long time.

– Probably the most well-known Corellians of all, Han Solo and his partner Qi’ra, are youngsters at this level within the timeline, however we all know they’re already embroiled within the White Worms gang. They don’t make a cameo right here, which is shocking, since Star Wars not often avoids alternatives to herald traditional characters to new properties.

– We’ve seen the reverse of this droid decommissioning facility earlier than, when Anakin and Padmé acquired caught up within the manufacturing unit the place battle droids have been being inbuilt Attack of the Clones. Scenes on the conveyor belts stuffed with droid elements actually evoke comparable motion scenes on Geonosis.

– So as to get into Corellian airspace, the Unhealthy Batch use a traditional Authentic Trilogy trick, attaching their ship to the facet of a cargo hauler to cover their place — the identical means Han clamped the Millennium Falcon onto a Star Destroyer in The Empire Strikes Back.

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