Starfield: Constellation Meaning Explained

Should you watched Starfield‘s E3 2021 trailer (and we all know you probably did), the one phrase that most likely jumped out at you was “constellation.”

Granted, that’s most likely as a result of the Starfield trailer didn’t give us a lot to work with by way of story, gameplay, or the rest, however there’s no denying that the phrase “constellation” was featured prominently sufficient within the preview to make it clear that the sport will revolve round it indirectly.

So what does “constellation” truly imply in relation to Starfield? Surprisingly, we already know the reply to that query regardless of nonetheless not understanding a lot about the remainder of the sport.

In a behind-the-scenes video launched on The Washington Post’s website, Todd Howard explains that Constellation is the identify of a faction that he describes as “the final group of house explorers.” In an interview with Telegraph, he provides an expanded clarification of the group’s objective each on this universe and by way of sport mechanics.

“Properly, the sport is about about 300 plus years in our personal future. And Constellation is this sort of final group of house explorers,” Howard says. “It’s like NASA meets Indiana Jones meets the League of Extraordinary Gents, a gaggle of individuals which can be nonetheless trying to find solutions. There are a number of factions within the sport however that’s the principle one that you simply’ll change into part of. It’s type of like Skyrim by way of the construction of the sport, the place you’re going to be who you wish to be, after which there’s totally different factions that you could be part of, and actually carve your individual path.”

Properly, that’s fairly fascinating. Not solely does Howard reveal that Constellation is a gaggle of explorers, however he makes use of the phrase “final” in two separate descriptions of the faction. Why is that the case? Humanity seemingly has the power to discover the furthest reaches of house, so why wouldn’t extra teams be doing simply that?

Whereas the sport will clearly reply that query ultimately, or greatest guess for the second is that there was both some occasion that prevented extra people from having the ability to proceed to discover house (regardless of apparently having the ability to take action) or that Constellation is the final group of individuals prepared to discover areas of house thought of to be uncharted, harmful, and inhospitable. The latter clarification feels extra possible in the meanwhile, however once more, the phrase “final” feels very telling when making an attempt to grasp what Constellation is and what its objective tells us in regards to the bigger Starfield universe.

Extra importantly, Howard tells us that there are “many factions within the sport” and that Constellation is the “fundamental one.” His alternative of wording would appear to counsel that Starfield‘s faction system could also be much less like the one in Fallout: New Vegas (the place you’ll generally be pressured to decide on between the pursuits of factions that always battled one another) and more like Skyrim‘s the place there’s a “marketing campaign” faction and a number of other non-compulsory factions to hitch alongside the way in which.

Regardless of the case, it actually looks as if Constellation will play a serious function in Starfield and that our personal journey within the sport will indirectly revolve round our choice to hitch them. Like the remainder of you, we’re desperate to get our arms on the sport on November 11, 2022, to see what occurs from there.

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