The Four: Battle for Stardom

The Four: Battle for Stardom

The Four: Battle for Stardom is a singing competition series will focus That is four finalists. The finalists, from Their Chosen hearings, will try to defend Their coveted spots on the stage, as They Are Individually challenged by new singers Determined to replace ’em. Each week, if any of the oven are outperformed, they’ll go home and Their challengers will take Their site. Those challengers Could Be Who fans HAD beens sitting on a couch one week, and singing onstage the next. Viewers will get the opportunity to submit tapes literally hearing. Similar to American Idol, viewers will be ble to vote from home on Four contestants. More SPECIFICALLY, TV watchers will get to decide who is Brought on the show by voting on the available streamed hearings and influen├žant qui challengers will take on The Four. If the Existing oven singers outperform Their challengers, Then They survive to sing Reviews another week, up to the end of the season, When the singers-have Safely secured Their spots on stage and face off contre each other, resulting and in one being white named the winner.

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Thursday 9:00 PM and / pt on FOX
Season 1, 6 episodes
January 4, 2018
Music , Reality

3.8 / 10
Cast: Fergie , Sean Combs , DJ Khaled , Meghan Trainor

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