Watch Incorporated


Watch Incorporated

Perhaps an ode to the dystopian sci-fi cinema of the 1980s and decades-past, INCORPORATED is a science fiction thriller That follows up-and-coming business exec Benjamin Larson. In 2074, rule the world corporations. From trade to taxes to trade community, to profiteering policing- companies-have a monopoly on money and men alike. Ben is in the thick of the madness, a man of rising power and prominence; His true identity goal, HOWEVER, is something Entirely different than the clean-cut, profit-driven money-man as he Assumes His persona. The Reality Is That Ben’s persona is a cover; His true intention is to infiltrate the innermost circles de son company in order to save the love de son life. Ben Affleck and Matt Damon are executive-producteurs de cette five-star sci-fi thriller That future finds contemporary resonance in a world-governed by money and marred by corruption and power.

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Wednesday 10:00 PM and / pt on Syfy
Season 1, 10 episodes
November 30, 2016

7.4 / 10
Cast: Sean Teale , Allison Miller , Eddie Ramos , Julia Ormond