Watch The Night Of

Watch The Night Of

Of The Night tells the story of Naz Khan, shy, sheltered Pakistani college student living in Jackson Heights, Queens. Determined to-have a fun night out, he uses His Father’s cab was waiting to party in Manhattan, Where he picks up Andrea. Andrea is a wild, off-beat and beautiful young woman. She and Naz indulge in drugs, alcohol and sex. When Naz wakes up from His night of debauchery, he finds That Andrea is dead, Murdered in a gruesome fashion. Worse, he does not remember what happened.

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He panics and flees, getting picked up by the Police for making an illegal left turn. Once in custody, he Becomes the only suspect in Andrea’s murder. Enter Jack Stone, grizzled lawyer, Who takes Naz’s box.

As Naz Becomes entangled in the justice system, fight to free Jack _him_, and the mystery of Who really killed Andrea unfolds.

Sunday 9:00 PM and / pt on HBO
Season 1, 8 Episodes
July 10, 2016
Drama , Mini-Series

8.6 / 10
Cast: Riz Ahmed , Bill Camp , Payman Maadi , John Turturro

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