Watch Without A Trace

Watch Without A Trace

Without A Trace is an American TV series about a missing persons unit in the FBI. This unit is FBI in New York City and is headed by Jack Malone. The other members are united de son Vivian Johnson, Samantha Spade, Martin Fitzgerald, Elena Delgado and Danny Taylor.

Each episode is structured as a procedural police. The team is Informed about a person Who has Disappeared under mysterious Circumstances with the added concern for the person’s well-being. In the process of Itself Investigating the case, the team Uncovers the all the secrets of the missing person and the people in the victim’s sphere. They are Often successful in finding the individual They are searching for, purpose That person is usually left to deal with criminal behavior uncovered gold That secret relationships need to be Explained to loved ones.

We also get to know about the members of the Investigating Team. Jack Malone, played by Anthony LaPaglia, goes through a divorce With His wife, an attorney, When He is Unable to successfully balance work and family. His Struggles continued as he tries to Maintain a relationship with His two daughters. Samantha Spade, played by Poppy Montgomery, is a single woman. She Was raised by a single mother Who struggled to deal with her daughter’s rebellious determination to make her own life. Vivian Johnson, played by Marianne Jean-Baptiste, is a married agent aussi Who Struggles to balance work and family. She has the additional problem of dealing with a heart condition. Danny Taylor, played by Enrique Murciano, comes from a troubled background That Helped Lead His Brother into criminal activities. Martin Fitzgerald, played by Eric Close, comes from a family of political connections. His challenge is to Prove His Family connections did not get _him_ Where he is. Elena Delgado, played by Roselyn Sanchez, is a single mother with a background as a Police Officer. The team’s lives intertwine in a number of ways That are Both professional and personal as the series progressed.

7 Seasons, 160 episodes
September 26, 2002
Drama , Action & Adventure , Crime

6.9 / 10
Cast: Anthony LaPaglia , Poppy Montgomery , Enrique Murciano , Eric Close

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