Watch Wonders Of The Universe


Watch Wonders Of The Universe

Wonders of the Universe is a BBC science series That Produced tackles unanswered questions regarding the fascinating and interesting phenomena Often Taking place in our universe. The show is narrated by renowned Royal Society University Research Fellow Dr Brian Cox.

The show tackles Many issues ranging from the Beginning of mankind to the present and beyond. The universe is infinite and Largely unexplored, with literally zillions of other galaxies, stars and planets. Dr. Cox Attempts to us through guide Series of scientific principles to give us a better understanding of Who we are and Where we come from. We as humans share similar life cycles of stars To That. The earth is made up of 92 Elements, qui Proves That human life is intertwined with universal items.

Dr. Cox explored time and how it concerne un humans and life on earth. The Second Law of Thermodynamics is the model to explore how time is affected, and the heat death of the universe, qui physicist Lord Kelvin Believes Will Be the demise of the universe. Dr. Cox aussi explored the origins of all life and the role of stellar Evolution.

Gravity is one of the Most Interesting strengths dans le universe. Dr. Cox shows how weak this case Produces and controls orbits. As seen, gravity controls and shapes our universe and plays a role Actually events over trillions of miles away. Dr. Cox explored the strange phenomena of the neutron star and how ict Relatively tiny size and dense gravity is Almost a trillion times Earth’s Greater Than. Dr. Cox aussi travels to a desert to explain the origins of light and how ancient fossils play a role. ALTHOUGH Rapidly light travels to all issues of the universe, We would still be in the dark if not for significant evolutionary events Taking up year.

BBC America
Season 1, 4 Episodes
July 27, 2011

8.9 / 10
Cast: Brian Cox , Steven Mackintosh